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In the ancient Greek “diet” means “way of life”, that is why it is worth talking about in sense of the complex and quite long concept. That is often pointless to sit on any diet for a couple of weeks: the organism does not have time to adjust to the new style so quickly and achieve an optimal state in “record time”, as it goes in weight loss tips advertising of popular means for losing weight or in descriptions of fashionable diets.


Being on a weight loss diet is a long process, in which the most important is balance and harmony. It has no sense to torture yourself with a diet to the utmost. You just have to limit yourself in consumption of certain products, exclude some of them or reduce their consumption to a minimum.

The main thing with adapting the diet – not to eliminate the necessary food, lack of which means for our body lack of mineral substances and vitamins, which can lead a person straight to the doctor.

Before starting any diet, check the overall health status, because not everybody is able to keep to a diet, unless it is not a therapeutic one. For many it is simply contraindicated, i.e in cases with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes mellitus. If you really intend to put yourself on a diet, this should be done reasonably, and after consulting a doctor.

A few words about the differences between therapeutic diet and simple diet. The first type of diet is prescribed to people in case of emergency – for example, in case of diabetes, which is vital to reducing the number of products which are rich in sugars and carbohydrates. In turn, simple diet implies fighting the overweight and improving the overall state of the organism.

Diets have many varieties: those connected with your blood group, tips of famous people, having excellent physical shape, and tips of skilled professionals. But when choosing a diet you need to to concentrate yourself, because you can not choose any diet at random, which seems most attractive. It is an individual process, and if something fits your friend, it does not mean that it fits you and will give excellent results. If you are sure and determined to put yourself on a diet, decide whether it will not be disagreeable to you and if the prescribed food will not cause an aversion.


Do not forget about the positive attitude to the process of healthy eating: just a positive attitude and willingness to comply with sometimes difficult mode. Products should be chosen carefully, because the process of dietary eating is not limited to a few days.

Let’s talk about popular mono-diet. Very often, women use them for a long time, which can not be done, because the body does not receive many substances necessary for us, and therefore, its use should be limited. The better way is to keep to a mono-diet as unloading day.

Experts recommend eating in small portions. It is better to increase the number of daily meals, but to reduce their volumes. Do not forget to drink more fluids, and all the harmful substances accumulated in us must come out.


Little attention and diligence, faith in your success – and the dietetic food will be your major step towards the excellent state of health, confidence and good physical condition.

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