The irritation of the skin in children

Skin irritation child 1 The irritation of the skin in children

At the time of birth until the age of three years baby’s skin is very delicate and can easily irritate. The irritation may occur at various points of the body contour in the mouth, at the level of skin folds armpits, neck, groin, and anus, hands, fingers, behind the ears and be very annoying.

Is baby’s skin irritated right now? The causes of this problem so disagreeable as often can be several: excessive sweating, Cold, pacifier use, the habit of sucking fingers, insect bites, contact with the urine in diaper and so on, all factors in themselves harmless, which become due to irritation due to the immaturity of skin baby Not yet ready to face these “excesses”.

Tending towards a neutral pH acid while that of adults a hydro-lipid film a sort of protective and moisturizing film which completely covers the skin is too thin, too fragile a stratum corneum compared to a greater extent of skin of newborn relative to body weight are indeed the hallmarks of the epidermis of the young child that make it more fragile than that of the adult and therefore more in need of attention and protection.

Typically, to solve the problem of skin irritation is sufficient to wash the skin with small soap-free detergent the so-called soap soap and apply on the sore area of pomatine specific, usually as zinc oxide. Only if this kind of treatment from the expected results within a few days in the case to contact the pediatrician prescribe a specific care.

It is different in case of widespread irritation and / or characterized by crusting and bleeding or when the child is irritable and sleepless. In this case it is much more appropriate to contact the doctor right away.

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