Talking to babies to make them smarter

Talk baby 1 Talking to babies to make them smarter

Talking to babies build them more intelligent, this is the result of a current search science has decreed that talk to babies, proverb actual words, helps them to develop cleverness. The significant thing is to use true words and does not pay, cries, aliases, you must speak true words so that he gradually to associate the true meaning. The words, particularly when uttered by a voice identify that babies are much more efficient than other sounds and the music itself.

The research was conducted by doctors of Northwestern University, Illinois, and then it is also published in the journal Child Development. Talking to babies helps those to develop cognitive abilities and to promote brain development you just tell true words and simple.

The research was conducted on 50 children for three months that have been subjected to some test, were positioned in front of the drawings depicting a fish and then this was accompanied by word from music or sounds, in addition to the fish then were shown images depicting depicted even dinosaurs.

It was noted that when the children were again the pictures of the fish, they were capable to identify it better if she had been previously linked with words, than those who had linked with sounds. Also dwell more to watch the fish compared to dinosaurs, this intends that in some way, the fish had been cataloged in their mind.

I Researchers said they were delighted by the results that are “surprising, screening that already at three months the words carry a particular influence, supporting the capability to form categories“.

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