Skin diseases at the feet, face and hands

skin diseases 1 Skin diseases at the feet, face and hands

The skin diseases are numerous and diverse, some minor and other very serious, as in the case of melanoma. A precise classification is therefore difficult, partly because we are talking about body the human body certainly more extended (about 2 square meters) and most exposed: it is the skin to cover all muscles and the rest of the body. Usually different diseases of skins depend on the Cases and symptoms. This will give us those caused by an Allergy as contact dermatitis for example, the skin cancer; Skin diseases due to bacteria, viruses, mushrooms and parasites (As in the case of candidiasis, or pediculosis!)

Skin diseases at the foot

We try to make a telling distinction of skin diseases according to the place where they occur. Among the most often affecting feet we certainly chilblains (which also occur on the hands and ears) characterized by red patches and swollen, itching and much pain. The cause is due to problems bloodstream. Heal, but are subject to relapse. The feet are also often affected by warts: This is a skin disease of viral origin, which is commonly contracted in swimming pools or beaches. Those of the feet (also affects the hands) are similar to calli and therefore often underestimated. It can be treated surgically or with liquid nitrogen. Then there is the classic athlete’s foot caused by a fungus (tinea). Contagious, this too shall walk barefoot in public places. It grows on the skin between the toes, (but can also affect the nails, Anus olinguine) causing redness, scales, itching and odor. The water to wash the sweat and make the moist environment favoring the growth is treated with anti-fungal.

Diseases of the skin of the face

It is Needless to say that acne is the most common among diseases of the skin of the face. Its a lot in common adolescence. But its also frequently in adulthood. The exact causes have not been identified yet, but certainly there is a high hormonal component. It may be useful in these cases to help prevent a diet fat-free and rich in Vitamin A, As well as the cosmetics agreed with the dermatologist. Its a skin disease that has a strong emotional impact and should therefore not be underestimated. The same can be said of psoriasis that affects mainly the face, elbows and knees But can be extended (in its various forms) to other parts of the body. There is no cure, unfortunately: the psoriasis can disappear and return frequently. Many scientific research projects in this regard, also on a specific genre of Medicine.

Diseases of the skin of the hands

The most frequent skin disease of the hands is certainly contact dermatitis Caused by an allergy to a substance that you come in contact: for instance the detergent to wash the dishes. The treatment can be local or systemic. Once you have identified what causes the skin reaction, it is well tenersene away! A separate chapter is that of vitiligo: This is an alteration of the pigmentation of the skin caused by lack of melanin. Spread with white spots spread throughout the body, but concentrated mainly on hands, elbows and face. It does not require treatment because it causes discomfort, if not emotionally. Several dark spots are flat and round that always appear on the hands: they are the so-called brown spots and are often over 40 years and in people who have used excessive and improper exposure to sun in previous years. There are Cosmetics to lighten them, to be agreed with the dermatologist.

Skin diseases: not to forget

Then there are the skin cancers which may develop in any part of the body, even among hair! It’s important constant observation of spots of various types that afflict us, to see if they change shape or color, not a positive sign. Melanoma is a cancer very dangerous. It important to make a map in with some regularity, which combine a consulting specialist on course prevention of skin cancer as well as the protection of this body subject to the aggressions of the external environment. Consider the example of Dry Skin in winter! Another thing to remember is that the skin is often a symptom of our general health and incorrect lifestyles like poor diet can cause skin changes. It is an example; Cigarette smoking contributes to developing acne in adulthood and promotes the development of wrinkles.

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