Skin care in Winter

The winter is marked as Hemanta ritu in ayurveda. Hemanta ritu begins with mid November and ends in mid January. This falls in southern solstice which is called as visarga kala or dakshinayana in ayurveda. In winter season the agni or body fire (gastrointestinal power) increases with the assistance of vata . The increased body fire even absorbs heavy foods quickly and rapidly. When adequate food is not readily available for the enhanced body fire it impacts the nutritious fluids of body causing vitiation of vata. Hence the vitiated vata designates its qualities of cold, dryness and roughness to skin. For this reason in winter season a fantastic care must be required to secure the skin with numerous procedures relating to diet plans and way of lives. 
Skin care diet plan for winter season:
1. Consume lots of water to keep the skin hydrated. Consuming warm water in winter season avoids vitiation of vata and illness which develop from vata.
2. Soups which are sour and salted – balance vata.
3. Consist of honey in the diet plan.
4. Prevent Intake of processed food, excessive of sugary foods and oil food as these cause weight gain. 
5. Your diet plan needs to preferably consist of Walking stick juice, milk and clarified butter (ghee) throughout winter season.
6. Keep away from cold and cooled foods like ice creams, milk shakes as they vitiate vata.
7. Canyon on warm and heavy food to meet the requirement of increased body fire.
Skin care lifestyle for winter season
1. Constantly use warm clothing which are made from wool, silk and cotton.
2. When you are using clothing in layers use cotton clothing beside your skin as they do not trigger skin allergic reaction. Furthermore they take in sweat. Where as artificial clothing stop working to do so. Unabsorbed sweat harbors microbes which trigger skin infections.
3. Prevent long hot showers and bath.
4. Quick 3 minutes bath is recommended.
5. Twenty to 30 minutes of aerobic workout 3 times a week can offer your skin a healthy radiance.
6. Prevent duplicated cleaning of face. This cleans off natural oils from your skin and makes the skin dry, flaky and old and wrinkly. Usage Luke warm water rather of warm water to clean face.
7. Utilize an indoor humidifier to put wetness in the air.
Skin care devices for winter season
1. Massage your body with oils which are instilled with vata balancing herbs.
2. Apply hydrating cream freely all over the body.
3. Smear lip balm on lips to avoid chapping of lips.
4. Look after your skin on heels with balms and hydrating items.
Delight in the winter season with a radiant skin. I want you a Pleased winter season.

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