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Set includes:
4 oz Proactiv Micro Crsytal remarkable Cleanser
4 oz proactiv Toner
a few of oz Proactiv Micro Crystal remarkable Lotion
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Product Description

The remedies in New Proactiv® is micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide, with smaller, an amazing offer more uniform particles produced to hold out more quickly and gentler than before.

Renewing Cleanser is sometimes a extraordinary oil-free formula with smooth, tiny beads to lightly exfoliate lifeless skin coloring tissues with one another with other impurities, as well as benzoyl peroxide to penetrate pores, assault bacteria, and help heal blemishes. Revitalizing Toner will help harmony tone and eradicate lifeless skin coloring tissues to reveal radiant skin. A extraordinary formulation balances skin’s natural and organic acids; witch hazel refines and purifies pores; aloe and chamomile soothe and soften. Removes surplus surface area essential oil not possessing drying. Repairing response is sometimes a light, oil-free lotion with finely milled benzoyl peroxide to help heal and stay away from blemishes.
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impressing, January 4, 2011

Since many years I have troubles with my forehead.It is not acne breakouts it appears like an allergy,it is specifically bad when I sweat an amazing offer which I do often merely because I reside within a warm country ,in Costa Rica.No medical doctor could help me.
My partner suffers merely a tiny little with acne breakouts and no product or organization helped.Then she ordered PROACTIV and she informed me.Just try it you certainly not know.Of program when you can envision I do not think a little in this.I attempted previously to many products as well as the doctors….
O.K.I utilized it and I could not think it.After three times my forehead was an amazing offer better,after one 7 days my forehead was completely clean it looked as I certainly not experienced something.My partner and I could not think it.
My partner may be also much better however the final result is not so quick as mine.
I do not get compensated for this evaluation and typically I do not want to write,but it absolutely was so impressing which i preferred to write about it.Probably this product or organization will not help everyody however it assisted me.

Now I am producing utilization of the product or organization for one thirty day period and anything is back again since it absolutely was before.The rush is back,so certainly I am not so exited using the product or organization anymore.I would give shortly after one thirty day period use only three stars

Got what we expected, January 15, 2011

Not an amazing offer to say, we obtained what we ordered and anticipated and didn’t need to go by means of the traditional funnel (Manufacturer) in which they mail you resources you don’t need dependent on the create schedule.

Worth the price, April 20, 2011

My skin coloring is acne breakouts prone and I have attempted many products within of the previous to produce it obvious up, but positively nothing has worked. At very first Proactiv was merely a tiny irritating and drying for me. term of advice, don’t get it near to up your eye merely since the cleanser does sting. The three actions worked best suited apart for me, within of the few weeks my skin coloring began getting obvious and brighter. Occasionally I have minor breakouts, but positively nothing when in comparison with earlier to commencing this kit. It’s been a yr now and I’ve certainly not utilized any from one other products and options within of the line, except this three product package deal and an additional moisturizer. The package deal alone dries out my skin, so I use a separate moisturizer and SPF. The cost is sometimes merely a tiny huge for this kit, but right here on Amazon I in comparison for the Proactiv website and an additional website who also market these products and options and also this cost right here is most competitive. I like getting in a location to purchase what I need as opposed to an whole package deal at just one time. A good friend recommended Proactiv to me. I would advise this package deal to most anybody except individuals with extremely delicate or dried out skin. The formula is type of powerful and at first, like I mentioned it dried my skin coloring and stung merely a tiny if I obtained it near to my eyes.

Proactiv Rocks!!, may possibly 20, 2010

This product or organization proved to me that the thing I dont need to acquire a prescription to use, really works

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