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Step three from the Proactiv alternative frequent essentials, this light, luxurious lotion consists of 2.5 % finely milled benzoyl peroxide to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface area to help cease acne breakouts at its source.
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2.5 % benzoyl peroxide
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Product Description

movement three from the Proactiv alternative frequent essentials, this light, luxurious lotion consists of 2.5 % finely milled benzoyl peroxide to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface area to help cease acne breakouts at its source.


3.5 oz
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Item style number: 3.5 lotion
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Skin Perfection!, August 27, 2009

I don’t take advantage of the whole line, but I adore this lotion. It moisturizes without owning the greasy sensation and leaves your skin layer coloring pimple no advertising price at exactly the exact time!! The very sizing is definitely an additional bonus!!

Works for me, feb 15, 2010

Ive in any way instances been a Proactiv user. however the only product I religiously use could possibly be the repairing lotion. The rinse can be to harsh, the toner is as well drying. I need to moisturize a complete whole lot then take advantage of the repairing lotion. acne breakouts treatment has in any way instances been identified getting different for every solitary and every individual, as opposed to a abdomen ache. I have horrible greasy skin coloring and my acne breakouts is embarrasing but Proactiv operates for me.

super sized proactiv Repairing Treatment, may 1, 2010

If you’re even thinking about getting this merchandise then you certainly previously learn how nicely the Repairing Lotion works. You’ve previously experienced the disappointment when attempting to purchase substitute bottles away from your Proactiv automated kiosks only to can be found throughout them consistently away from stock. as well as you also have possibly previously visited the main Proactiv website for just about any substitute bottle only to can be found throughout which they don’t show the sizing from the bottle you’re buying. So, you ran extensive yahoo and google searches and found out that there is in actuality an enormous bottle of Repairing Lotion that is accessible for purchase and at an affordable price. nicely allow me just attest the fact that bottle is large as well as you receive a quite great quantity of Repairing Lotion that will last a good offer extended compared to common bottles. And yes, the bottle consists of the reliable stuff from Proactiv also it is refreshing and new as opposed to old.

But be forewarned: This bottle functions just such as the common bottles. If you’re not careful, you’ll can be found throughout that the lotion starts to ooze out as shortly when you remove the top. You don’t even need to squeeze. this could trigger you to definitely need to create utilization of much more lotion than you intended and even worse yet, throw apart what can’t be place back again in. I have two recommendations:

1) can be found throughout just one of your more mature and unfilled common sizing bottles and remove plastic material squeeze hole thing. I don’t know what it’s referred to as but it’s the plastic material situation the lotion oozes out of. You’ll need to create utilization of the nail, tiny screwdriver, or an unbent paperclip, and insert it in to the hole and dig out the piece. after you’ve obtained it out, place any unwanted lotion away from your very sizing bottle in to the common bottle. getting a subject of fact, go forward and squeeze about 1/4 from the very sized bottle in to the more compact bottle.

2) using the to eliminated away from your very sized bottle, consider the bottle and bang the part up in opposition to something. When I say bang I genuinely show tap owning merely a tiny little bit of force. this could trigger the lotion to sink toward the bottom even although permitting the oxygen within to escape. after the oxygen is in a location to escape the lotion will cease oozing.

All this text message I’ve composed just so I can say that my evaluation for this merchandise is 5 stars. Enjoy!

Great Stuff, January 10, 2011

I have utilized Proactive for about 8-10 many years now. amazing stuff. Even subsequent picking at my acne breakouts all I obtained to finish is use proactive as well as the scars/blemishes are minimal. amazing at assisting my self-confidence. amid the quite most effective investments of my life. I went to dermatologists but that was pricey jointly with a spend of your time really. 5 STARS every one of the WAY!

Great Product, dec 26, 2010

I’ve been producing utilization of the 3-step Proactiv method for greater than a twelve weeks now and all round I am pleased using the results. It requires a few weeks to begin working so don’t get discouraged for all those people that don’t get instant results. It doesn’t completely steer obvious of acne breakouts either, it just drastically minimizes the volume of finding acne. I’ve attempted most from the products you can purchase on the medicine store and none of them hold out on top of that to Proactiv. for all those people that can afford it (because it undoubtedly isn’t cheap) I would undoubtedly propose it.

the specific deal, September 13, 2010

I was worried that possibly this merchandise can be inferior toward the just one invested in away from your main institution but was pleasantly surprised. that is definatley the specific deal, jointly with a good offer much more advertising price effective than expenses I have observed elsewhere. for all those people of you who have by no implies attempted proactive, it operates on my near to center age skin coloring and my 13 yr olds skin coloring equally well.


I’ve utilized it using the previous and when I went straight to ProActive’s internet web page the advertising price was quite large plus they didn’t even provide a bottle this big. My son, husband and I have attempted other products that declare to finish what this does plus they DON’T work. This merchandise helps make blemishes disappear in two to three times without owning drying out our skin.

good deal, April 4, 2010

To start off, this was the main time i purchased from this institution or any other institution on amazon. I reside in Germany (US army post), so they predicted as a good offer as a two four weeks wait around on recieving the item. I obtained it in 2-3 weeks. They emailed me within every day time to confirm it experienced been shipped. amazing purchaser provider and shipping, and an awesome advertising price on this particular item.
I know everyone with skin coloring problems reacts in a different way toward the tons of products for the market, however the Proactiv Repairing Lotion could possibly be the quite most effective stuff ive found out for my skin. All I do is rinse my confront owning a hypoallergenic cleanup soap (dial fragrance free, or pure&natural), and include my confront on this lotion. As prolonged as i do it a minimal of after a day, i rarely get any blemishes. I may get one tiny bump every solitary and every few weeks. without owning it, my confront can break out terrible. Been producing utilization of the stuff for greater than a decade now.

Great advertising price for size!, feb 26, 2010

I such as the large bottle as well as the decrease advertising price without owning having to be a member of a membership. great Deal!

Proactiv is merely the best, dec 25, 2009

The Proactiv fix Lotion, utilized using the recommended Proactiv three movement application; (Deep Cleansing Wash, Revitalizing Toner and fix Lotion) merely works. And when I found out a “50% much more free” fix Lotion,on Amazon, it experienced been like Christmas.
My partner and I experienced been producing utilization of Proactiv for years, and with daily use, it keeps our skin coloring clear.
A fix lotion with moisturizer and 50+ SPF can be the only method to enhance this product. I presently include sunlight defense to my confront subsequent application.

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