Pregnancy: Even passive smoking is harmful to the fetus

Pregnancy hand smoke Pregnancy: Even passive smoking is harmful to the fetus

That smoke in pregnancy is a real gun pointed at his fetus (And forgive the strong image, but there it is), you know all too well. Risks of abortion and congenital malformations it is the damage that too many cigarettes smoked during the pregnant can cause. However, harm seriously health baby in the womb, is not only the smoke that comes from the motherBut also the passive that pregnant woman absorbs involuntarily, and that through his blood, reaches the unborn.

It is a discovery of which reads better in the April issue of the journal Pediatrics, And that comes to us from the University of Nottingham (GB). As noted by the study, secondhand smoke can lead to an increase of 23% chance that the fetus is born dead, And a risk of deficit congenital 13%, and this effect tends to increase if the smoker next to expectant mother and his companion (for obvious reasons of continuous exposure).

The survey is quite large, in fact, come from 19 different studies on samples of the population in Asia, Europe and USA. “The smoking of mothers during pregnancy is well recognized as an opportunity to deliver a series of serious risks to the unborn child, including fetal mortality, Low birth weight, premature birth and a number of serious anomalies defects such as cleft palate, clubfoot and heart problems”. Explains Dr. Jo Leonardi-Bee, of the British Studies Centre for Tobacco Control at the University. And again:

“Since passive smoking exposure in the same range of toxins of Tobacco experienced by active smokers, although at lower levels, it is likely that by coming into contact with secondhand smoke increases the risk of some or all of these complications. ” To highlight that not only would be exposed to risks to their health and the child waiting mothers during gestationBut also even the smoke absorbed in the months before the conceptionWould be harmful. In short, data in hand, stop smoking, not only for yourself but also the good of children that there are already, or will be.

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