Postpartum Depression – Women’s Mental Health Issues

womens mental health issuesOne of the biggest women’s mental health issues is postpartum depression. When is it major depression and when is it just the ‘blues’? Women who have a previous history of depression are more likely to suffer postpartum problems. For the majority of women, at least 50 to 80%, a mild ‘blue’ feeling is normal. Anxiety and stress about being a new mother are related to this. A long lasting and severe depression is felt by 10 to 12% of women after giving birth. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, poor appetite, difficulty concentrating and even suicidal thoughts are related to real postpartum depression. It can get even more serious with actual postpartum psychosis with paranoia and hallucinations as well as mood swings, rapid speech and confusion. Go to your doctor right away if you experience any of these symptoms.

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