Olay Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser/Pore Scrub – 5 oz.,review

Olay Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser/Pore Scrub - 5 oz.Price:$3.11
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Goods Features:

Deep cleansing ribbons sweep apart dirt and impurities for refreshing clean up skin
Exfoliating microbead ribbons refine complexion and help reduce appears of pores
clean up Scent
Foaming cleanser 5.0 fl oz
Goods Description:

Product Description

Dual activity (Cleanser + pore scrub) combines the energy of deep cleansing and exfoliation in the individual straightforward step
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Item Weight:

9.6 ounces

Shipping Weight: 8 ounces (View transport prices and policies)


UPC: 075609028847
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A superb CLEANSER/PORE SCRUB!!!, dec 24, 2009

I possess just one other cleanser,but this just one is great. This exfoliates your complexion to produce specific it offers you a deep right down scrub. It’s also gentle inside the skin,most pore scrubs,exfoliater’s and cleanser’s genuinely scratch complexion other than clean up using a delicate touch. I have delicate complexion so i contact for to genuinely be cautious what pore scrubs/exfoliater’s i use period!! and also this cleanser/pore scrub has merely a tiny saftey shield inside the despenser so just in circumstance your children or newphew’s/niece’s get ahold of it. as well as it let’s you already know when your going to operate out,the lotion diappear on the way up a whole great offer more as well as a whole great offer more that’s wonderful to provide you with a alert which means you can share up. I adore this cleanser/pore scrub this could be my next olay cleanser i love. Thank’s OLAY!!!

Tried on the whim– exceptional to all other daily cope with washes I’ve actually used., October 17, 2010

I’ve employed the Olay lotion scrub for several years and was quite delighted with it, but I picked this up on the whim instead and was pleasantly impressed. not merely does this produce decreased shine (I have greasy skin) and in actuality helps make pores look scaled-down (I’ve been searching for just about any product that in actuality features for years) but as somebody who has experienced hormonal flare ups of pimple and goes on to be producing utilization of the benzyole peroxide topical pimple lotion for almost a decade i experienced been pleased that this product does not finish off result from the flakey dryness that will occasionally occur even although you contact for to few an pimple treatment as well as a cleanser. When I started out producing use with this product I experienced many different zits near to my chin, almost immediately the zits started out to dried out out in the healthful way that doesn’t leave any scarring, also it minimize right down on any embarrassing redness even although the zit is on the way away. I’ve in actuality minimize back again my topical lotion to after a day, which could be great. I informed my mom about this product and she mentioned that she was on the way to go get some and try it out. I’m hoping that she’ll get my father– a person with huge pores and greasy complexion who has notoriously not genuinely used treatment of his complexion for decades– to produce utilization of it. Yes, a really exceptional product for all those with greasy skin.

Smooths skin, March 14, 2011

I employed my cleanser also it certainly smoothed my complexion and surprisingly it smells soooo good! That was so unexpected. It smooths your cope with and leaves it squeaky clean. I’m glad I obtained it offered which i required this sort of cleanser pursuing I ran away from my dermatologists producer cleanser.

Amazing , feb 26, 2011

i been producing use with this cope with clean for last three many years now and all i can say is this cope with clean does wonders, it cleared apart all my acne, all my scars that experienced been left with the acne, and produced my complexion way softer, definitely this wasnt only offered how the cope with wash, i experienced to positioned on facial lotion as well to the pimple to genuinely go apart but this cope with clean does what it does and never heavy in your complexion evaluate to numerous other pimple facial clean i tried

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