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Goods Features:

Helps reverse the appears of previous harm coming from under skin’s surface
assists appropriate skin coloring discolorations just like brown areas and dullness
Glucosamine complicated hydrates to allow natural rebuilding of skin’s collagen
Leaves skin coloring luminous as well as an awesome offer more flawless
Goods Description:

Manufacturer product explanation

The intense hydration of the cream. The significant definition solutions of Definity. Olay Definity Intense Hydrating lotion produces a potent however luxurious know-how you’ll indulge day time and night. The Glucosamine complicated assists restore the appears of previous damage. Hydrates deeply to allow the natural regeneration of collagen with time to refine its texture for lasting results. immediately boosts skin’s luminosity and assists manage the appears of brown spots. consists of the greatest quantities of glycerin although in the Definity collection for optimum hydration /* Table of Contents: global page framework nav headings link variations text variations inline Imgs extras */ /* ———————————–*/ /* ———-=global ———–*/ /* ———————————–*/ * {margin: 0; padding: 0; outline: none;} ul {list-style: none;} a {border: none; outline: none;} img {border: none;} a { padding-bottom: 0; color: #138299; text-decoration: none; } a:hover { padding-bottom: 0; color: #333333!important; } sup { vertical-align: top; } hr { border: 1px strong #d6dfe3; margin: 10px 0 14px 0; *margin: 0 0 9px 0; border-width:1px 0 0; } .clear { clear:both; } .hidden {display:none;} #disclaimer {font-size:9px; color:#888888; line-height: 9px;text-indent:-6px; } /* ———————————–*/ /* —- =General web page framework ——–*/ /* ———————————–*/ whole body { background-color:#FFFFFF; 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Olay Definity is definitely an remarkable anti-aging collection that is produced to deal with the two coloring and texture imperfections. Olay Definity penetrates as an awesome offer as 10 surface area layers deep, hydrating to support appropriate the lookup of discoloration, which consists of dullness, brown spots, and sunlight damage, as well as good lines and wrinkles. The complete result is definitely an awesome offer more flawless, luminous skin coloring in just 8 weeks. Love skin coloring you’re in. ™ Definity The Glucosamine complicated A breakthrough in anti-aging skin coloring treatment from Olay: Definity’s exclusive important Glucosamine Complex. What tends to allow it to be breakthrough? With it’s important factors – N-acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide – Definity’s Glucosamine complicated hydrates to help: Enhance humidity barrier framework Moisturize to allow the natural regeneration of collagen Smooth the lookup of lines and wrinkles Reveal luminous, an awesome offer more flawless skin coloring that appears lit from within Wondering wich skin coloring treatment products and options are best for you? Try the OlayForYou personalized consultation tool. Luminous skin coloring will get observed Voted very best New Anti-Aging product In a look at amid 50,000 voters introduced by an awesome offer better homes & Gardens, Definity coloring Recapture won “Best New Anti-Aging Product” and “Best New product Overall”. Unlocking Luminosity Human skin coloring is not really a strong surface. It has depth and layers that comprise melanin, hemoglobin, and collagen. gentle passes by method of the surface area and interacts with melanin and hemoglobin, eventually reflecting away the collagen layer, a.k.a the “collagen mirror.” A wholesome collagen mirror is smooth and uniform, developing a surface area that reflects gentle back again for that surface area although in the kind of healthy-looking luminosity.
Goods Details:

Item Weight:

12.8 ounces

Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces (View transport prices and policies)

Shipping: Currently, product could possibly be shipped only inside the U.S.


UPC: 037000000570
Don’t purchase It right up until You See This Review:

Has worked for me!, March 31, 2007

Between the Olay Regenerist, complete Effects, and Definity product lines, it took me a extended time determine which Olay product would very best satisfy my skin coloring treatment needs. I selected the Definity collection for that reason that it does not comprise Retinol but is nonetheless suppose to provide “corrective” outcomes that even skin coloring tone. I’ve been utilizing the Definity Correcting Protective Lotion and Intense Hydrating lotion for two several weeks and I do uncover that my skin coloring is smoother. The rough, ruddy patches on my cheeks are commencing to fade. I haven’t observed any big difference over a dim age area near to my jaw but I’m hoping that will even out with ongoing use. surface area skin coloring regenerates just about every 28 times and Olay recommends 8 several weeks of steady use to determine the whole outcomes inside the product.

I uncover the product capabilities a light, feminine floral scent which I enjoy. I have a tendency getting delicate to powerful odors, so regularly don’t set up on perfume. Personally, I don’t uncover the scent inside the Definity products and options getting overwhelming. Nowhere concerning the packaging does the business state the product is scent-free. in situation you have a tendency getting delicate to scented cosmetics, hold advantage inside the Olay company’s zero reselling price product sample provide on their internet site.

Even although Olay is deemed a “drug store brand,” I uncover spending $20-plus over a jar of skin coloring lotion expensive. That’s why I researched the product and its factors as well as took benefit of contacting on collection attractiveness consultants earlier to producing my last decision. Like all things, unless you’ve obtained money to burn, it’s very best to hold out only a tiny look at to determine if a product should certainly be best for you personally earlier to buying.

Wonder product., April 15, 2008

I are actually utilizing this product for that previous 4-5 weeks now. And I should say that Olay has lastly executed it! practically all of my facial acne breakouts with one another with other represents have disappeared, and age areas also have gone. Leaving my confront radiant and shiny skin. My cheeks used getting really red-colored like rosacea, and that is gone too. All in all, it has proved getting THE confront treatment product I are actually searching for all my life. My skin coloring is really greasy and acne breakouts prone. But now it may be also displaying enlargement as well as the acne breakouts represents from instead a few acne just about every 30 days are cleared by it. It is lightweight and lightly fragranced.Well and great for greasy skin coloring with one another with dried out or normal skin. I give it two thumbs up.

Olay Definity cream, feb . 8, 2008

I am 58 and have skin coloring discolorations and wrinkles. I am outside although in the sunlight most inside the time. quickly after about two several weeks I could see an improvement. My confront is definitely an awesome offer firmer looking as well as the age areas are fading.

Silky, Moisturized skin…Definitely, Hurray for Definity…”Olay”!, June 29, 2007

Yes, I am really pleased with this moisturizer. It genuinely does deeply, Intensely Hydrate the skin. I am marketed on this confront cream. It completely moisturizes devoid of oilyness, it’s just best for summertime as well for that reason that of this. I also have really dry, delicate skin, and also this cream/moisturizer do not give me a rash as so several other people have. I will hold on to create use with this product and other people from, “Oil of Olay”. I need I would have found and used this product along time ago, my delicate skin coloring prevented me from providing it a try. I’m content which i do and took the risk! The reselling price is good, the sizing is comparable to others, that are an awesome offer pricier and do less, most importantly it doesn’t give me a rash. Bye, bye dried out skin!! Thank you, “Oil of Olay”!
Sincerely yours, Priscilla CoryOlay Definity Anti-Aging lotion – 1.7 oz.

Olay Regenerist Products, feb . 17, 2009

Tried these products and options and think they hold out an awesome offer better than most “age defying” products. do an awesome offer of look at as well as customer reviews states that Olay is definitely an awesome offer much better than other products and options they rated.

Olay definity lotion 1.7 oz., October 3, 2008

This product is wonderful….leaves your confront moisturized; however possessing a clean, non-greasy, gentle feel. Lightly and pleasantly scented. The only create a difference missing from Olay Definity lotion is sunscreen (which you CAN uncover although in the Olay Definity Moisturizing Lotion (SPF15). adore it!

facial cream, October 21, 2008

Goes on easy, nongreasy. I can see and really feel a difference. Lasts for just about any extended time, only need small amount. one more amazing product from Olay.

As great As Clinique dim area Corrector – For 1/2 The Price, feb . 28, 2011

I obtained this lotion when my Clinique dim area Corrector ran out. I have consistently been content with all Olay products and options and believed I’d try this out. At $21, it optimistic beats the $73 for that Clinique edition at Macys. To my surprise, it performs just as well. It even feels like Clinique’s. It sinks best into my skin coloring and leaves it sensation smooth. I understand that other reviewers have noted breakouts, etc. with this cream. Here’s what I learned:

1. as quickly when you are utilizing a lightening cream, like this, you must consistently have no much lower than 15 SPF in your confront or you will do an awesome offer more harm for the face.
2. This lotion does not come about with 15 SPF (neither does Clinique), so in situation you make use with this as element of your morning regiment, you must set up a gentle 15 SPF lotion on top.
3. I found that if I set up a 15 SPF lotion on, it tends to make my confront as well greasy and I turn out breaking out. I think this could be for that reason that I’m double moisturizing w/this lotion as well as the sunscreen.
4. My alternative – I set up this lotion on only although in the evenings and set up a 15 SPF lotion on although in the mornings. It performs great. My areas are an awesome offer lighter and never as apparent and I am not breaking out.

This and Clinique’s dim area Corrector are NOT dim area correctors (i.e. they don’t remove them – no much lower than not in my experience), they merely lighten your epidermis coloring and make the dim areas lookup an awesome offer lighter, practically disappearing. in situation you end utilizing this or comparable ointments after which go to the sun, your areas will return. This gets one high-priced habit.

Really genuinely great to use, March 11, 2009

The lotion is splendid to use. It feels nice, smells nice, and tends to make my skin coloring lookup so good. It is gentle adequate to create utilization of both day time or evening time. I don’t think in possessing dozens of products and options for my face. This one is undoubtedly a keeper.

Wonderful! lastly found some thing for my problems skin!, feb . 6, 2010

I genuinely didn’t treatment about wrinkles and aging. I just preferred my skin coloring to end hurting!

I’ve been struggling for a lot of years with very dry, delicate skin coloring with eczema that harm and stung and turned red-colored if I didn’t get moisturizer on it best quickly after cleansing and would break out in red, splotchy rashes, turning into oozing bumps and flaking skin coloring just about every winter or at any time it’s dried out or if I used the incorrect product. drugs experienced some effect but my confront would come going to be resistant quickly after awhile. My dermatologist informed me to retain moisturizing. I’d been utilizing the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Facial Moisturizer and L’oreal Ombrelle (only obtainable in Canada) Sunblock products and options which aided somewhat, but my facial skin coloring nonetheless felt tight and uncomfortable. i experienced been searching for just about any moisturizer devoid of sunscreen which i could use at evening and accidently purchased this. I am so glad I do for that reason that within two days, my skin coloring cleared up. Finally! My facial skin coloring halted hurting and stinging as well as the splotchy rashes disappeared. It’s been two several weeks and all inside the small bumps on my confront are completely resolved. And, yes, getting a bonus, the small good lines and wrinkles and brown areas are disappearing too. I don’t think I’ve actually been so content with something I’ve actually ordered before!

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