More Womens’ Health Questions

 womens health questionsAs I progressively come of age I have more and more womens’ health questions. For example, why do women have to get a pap smear every year even if they are not sexually active? Another question I have is why are mammograms only available for women who are forty years old or older? I have given myself numerous breast exams but have not been able to tell the difference between the harmful lumps and the normal lumps that are supposed to be there! But so many times, I have felt lumps and thought, “oh my goodness–is it good or bad?” So, I think I should get a mammogram just to be on the safe side at least. Another question I have is, why would breast lift surgery be considered a “cosmetic” surgery. Women who get breast lifts are getting them because their breast are so heavy that they are weighing them down and hurting their back. This is an important health decision, not a cosmetic decision. Right?

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