L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee, Medium-Natural , 5 fl oz (150 ml),review

L\'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Gelee, Medium-Natural , 5 fl oz (150 ml)Price:$8.64
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Goods Features:

Unique ultra-lightweight formula applies simply and dries quickly
provides an even, streak-free and natural-looking tan
Leaves dermis owning a smooth finish
consists of supplement E and gentle AHAs
Leaves dermis sun-kissed bronze and soft
Goods Description:

Product Description

Streak-Free. Quick-Dry.with supplement E for Smoother Skin.An innovation away from your L’Oreal Laboratories, Sublime Bronze consists of supplement E and gentle AHAs*. This gelee formula provides an even, streak-free, natural-looking tan and le
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Product Dimensions:

6 x three x 1.9 inches ; 6.1 ounces

Shipping Weight: 6.6 ounces (View shipping and delivery prices and policies)


UPC: 071249080153

Item type number: 93422
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Cheat mom Nature, could possibly 28, 2007



I rarely bother with meds store kinds of do it yourself tanners merely because quite frankly they have a tendency for getting streaky and orange in color but my earliest know-how with this Gelee was by means of a costless sample and I am hooked. My favored do it yourself tanner inside the additional high priced but fool proof course is from Fake Bake but when I run out or don’t really feel like shelling out $30 bucks for it I now accomplish for the Sublime Bronze Gelee and will only rave concerning the results. I am usually quite pale and don’t even bother using the lighter tone this also arrives in, the Medium-Deep is certainly a one shot to some terrific looking tan that nonetheless appears unbelievably natural and organic if not better.

I only make use with this type of stuff at night, quickly after a shower and an exceptional scrub with some exfoliating product I dried out myself away completely and founded some lotion on my feet, elbows and knees. I can even use this on my experience greater than or below my common creams. I then sit back again and be good I am completely dried out and start away from your bottom up, applying the tanner toward ft quite gingerly, I don’t want dim ft as well as worse, whitened ft without any tan in spite of the simple fact that my legs are dim – some thing I see on ladies every individual day, a complete give away!

From the ft I do each and every leg at a time, massaging this smooth gel in round movement , attempting to include your dermis as evenly as I can, going quite lightly greater compared to elbows & knees contemplating which they soak up all the color and end at my neck, occasionally I founded it on my experience as well for that sunshine kissed glance all over. Then I sit back again nonetheless undressed and wait around about twenty mins or so until your dermis has absorbed any humidity away from your gel. that is certainly a slightly moisturizing product that smells certainly great in spite of the simple fact that quite faintly and feels splendid concerning the skin, like a cooling gel and is also hardly sticky in any way as quickly since it starts to dry. I then gown in pajamas and go to sleep, so much my sheets and clothes hasn’t turned colours and inside the morning I can wake as very much as a splendid glow which has executed no harm to my flesh. So much I barely obtained any streaks so exfoliating and certainly beneficial concern in spite of the simple fact that applying is all I need and also this tan lasts a quite prolonged time! quickly after buying the complete dimension on Thursday and applying it I am nonetheless sporting a tropical looking tan and it’s Monday night. With other tanners I experienced to reply then all the time and felt lazy half the time and ended up not wanting to hold out them at all.

This is certainly a splendid product, the color it delivers is abundant and golden owning an awesome brown base, no orange color in any way and it’s so uncomplicated and pleasant to use. I wish that L’Oreal keeps producing this for as prolonged as they are able to merely since the worth is certainly a bargain for that which you receive as well as the small tube lasts a quite prolonged time. I do not tan in any way in dread of what the sunshine can perform and also this may be the only way I can nonetheless glance like I do.

– Kasia S.

Loreal Medium-Deep sunless tanning gel, November 4, 2006

This performs quite well! It is by much the best sunless tanning product I have tried. I am fair-skinned, however the medium-deep gel produces a quite realistic looking tan numerous several hours quickly after application. I then reapply the gel three times later.

best do it yourself tanner, July 15, 2007

I come going to be utilizing this gelee for numerous years, and arrive throughout it provides me a natural and organic looking tan. Just rinse your arms completely quickly after use.

sublimely bronzed for just about any sublime price!, could possibly 12, 2010

For anybody on the marketplace doubtful with this splendid however affordable product, get rid of all those doubts collectively with a minimum amount of try IT! consider it from the lady who knows– I have employed every individual do it yourself tanner, away from your cheaper of affordable to high priced division store providers on beyond, but this one beats them all. The complete “Sublime” collection by Loreal is great, but quickly after utilizing the wipes, tinted lotion, etc, I stick using the gelee. Time for hints and tricks!

First off, the worst element about do it yourself tanner may be the obvious streak and clumped obvious deposits on areas such as elbows, knees, and especially with this product– wrists and heels! Some assessments suggest to founded on lotion on these areas previous to acting like a barrier. although I have attempted this method (and it performs well), what I have found personally most exceptional can be to combination the Loreal sublime bronze gelee with lotion. Two tricks to this– earliest is go with method or medium/deep. The color is abundant and brown with out looking fake (I am usually reasonable skinned, but am capable of the decent tan– this product delivers as deep a tan as I want in spite of the simple fact that nonetheless looking natural). 2nd trick is getting a lotion *WITHOUT MINERAL OIL*. in the event you have not look at about mineral essential oil (often referred to as petrolatum, and several other people on product ingredient lists) yahoo and google it; it may be probably the most common ingredient in practically all lotions concerning the market– even all those that state for getting natural, when certainly it’s derived from OIL! Therefore, it inhibits the lotion from soaking into your dermis and instead coats the best layer. although it is challenging to arrive throughout a lotion that’s with out mineral essential oil and moderately priced, I have found a heaven-sent assortment in Jergens Naturals. Mixing the self-tanning gelee using the lotion tends to make the whole body fool proof to any streaks in spite of the simple fact that nonetheless depositing the most ideal amount of color, assisting attain that “glow” with out waking up the up coming evening 10 shades darker.

I combination the lotion and gelee in my palms (usually one beneficial pump lotion, 3/4 the quantity of lotion in tanner) to make certain that when I pull my arms apart I have mixed lotion/tanner on each and every hand evenly- so i understand I am utilizing the identical amount of each and every on each and every half of my body! Some could possibly be hesitant to combination the lotion with, contemplating it won’t give as beneficial of the tan but depend on ME, I come going to be utilizing the product for YEARS! I hold on this process, rubbing in round movement all along in which I wish my tan to be. an additional tip– to stay obvious of over-covering issue areas, quickly after your arms have no product left on them, that is when I rub onto my knees, graze my elbows, tops of feet, etc– although there is no actual physical product in palms it is there mixed and light, only a lumination grazing is all you condition for the most ideal distribution of color!

Though the product is quick-dry, I propose waiting a minimum amount of 15 mins until placing outfits on. You can perform it as quickly when you really feel dry– this has in no way stained my clothes, sheets, etc. However, just like a precaution, I consider only a tiny time for this to settle. contemplating which i typically do it previous to bed, I am scared I might have awkward streaks from sheets or bedding if I don’t allow it dried out prolonged enough. I have in no way experienced a issue though.

My last idea is my biggest- rinse your arms often through application! I rinse quickly after everytime I moved on to some completely different area from the body. This tanner, as with any do it yourself tanner, can certainly get into your dermis between fingers, wrists, etc. Rub with cleanup soap and cozy water, in spite of the simple fact that rubbing a towel in round motions through the complete hand (especially palms) numerous times. Don’t overlook to scrub challenging (or use a toenail brush in the event you have it) near for the cuticles, as they are especially dried out areas! Lastly, distribute an exceptional coat of that natural and organic lotion on hands, to lighten any lingering tanner and moisturize quickly in the end that washing!

For the price, as well as the common ease (the whole process requires me about twenty minutes, from shower to finish!) of application, and beneficial quality with this gelee I give it 5 stars. Please give it a try!

Love This Product!, November 30, 2009

This is my substitute product for the dicontinued Lancome do it yourself tanning gel for experience and I should say I’m quite satisfied! It goes on as smooth, only requires only a tiny bit, and provides a touch of the “glow” even through the drab winter months! Thank you, L’Oreal for just about any terrific product and at an extremely much additional sensible worth than Lancome’s scaled-down version!

Natural looking Tan, dec 26, 2008

I adore this stuff. I’ve attempted Clarins and Neutrogena, but this may be the only element that really tends to make me glance tan. Other tanners have produced me glance possibly like an Oompa Loompa or not tan at all.

Pros: Dries quite quickly. Just exfoliate mind to toe, and go. I wait around about 10 mins to founded my outfits on just for getting safe. I’m Puerto Rican and Irish, so I glance type of gross inside the winter when I’m pale, and also this tends to make me great and tan, with out any streaks. I also have greasy skin, and will founded this on my experience with out breaking out.

Cons: this could turn your palms orange, so be good you scrub your arms as well as your fingernails. I also founded it on about three occasions a 7 days to preserve the color, otherwise it fades quickly.

I would propose this to anybody looking for a natural and organic looking tanner. certainly choose the medium-deep, though.

Very beneficial Stuff, feb . 25, 2011

So I just attempted this stuff last evening and properly I certainly certainly like it! I founded this on previous to I went to bed and I liked the consistency from the product as well as you don’t should use much.It is certainly uncomplicated to rub in and is also kinda just like placing lotion on. The smell was not bad at all, it smells quite beneficial for just about any do it yourself tanner. When its in your dermis you can fell it however it wasn’t bothersome in any way it felt a tad sticky but wasn’t that large of the deal. Then I went to sleep and woke as very much as see how it looked as well as the color is certainly nice, not orange at all. and also to my shock I didn’t smell awful. you can smell the do it yourself tanner scent however it experienced been quite faint. I didn’t use that very much product only a slender layer also it gave an awesome tan, it possibly produced me like three shades darker. I’m good in the event you employed an awesome offer of product it is going to be very much darker as well as the bottle says preserve applying until preferred color. I do not have streaks or something either, I don’t think you need to certainly get streaks from this stuff in the event you rub it in certainly good. I am reasonable skinned so possibly one additional use also it is going to be the color I want then I will just preserve it.Also I worked out and took a shower as well as the tan do not arrive away at all. I will certainly preserve getting this product and would propose it.

Excellent, beneficial value, feb . 22, 2011

I am quite pale and quickly after two times of utilizing this stuff I glance like I come going to be tanning for weeks. I take advantage of a gradual tanner (Lotion owning only a tiny touch of tanner in it) which i purchased fron a meds store and I re take advantage of the Sublime Bronze gelee every individual 3-4 days. It is comparable to Clarins do it yourself Tanning instant Gel, 4.4-Ounce Box but is much lower than half the price. A bottle lasts about a month.

LOVE IT!, dec 10, 2010

I am quite pale and was skeptical about utilizing do it yourself tanner i have gotten spray tans and gone tanning in beds 100′s of occasions i would obtain the month-to-month membership to sunset tan and have executed the spray tan there this performs just as beneficial only tired this merely because u no how pricey it will get but its so worth it i employed it all twelve weeks round i would just get out from the shower and use this as my lotion i just slapped it on i didn’t even founded it only complete whole body occasionally if i experienced been operating out. I adore THIS STUFF! depend on me i have attempted the do it yourself spray tan that u do at residence the lotion the wipes every thing this may be the best i adore love adore it!

Great tan in the tube., September 4, 2010

I come going to be utilizing this product for numerous many years now. I can’t appear to arrive throughout it inside the stores anymore so I’m pleased to purchase it by means of Amazon. in the event you take advantage of it as directed, you receive a exquisite even tan.

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