Healthy Way To Stop Premature Birth

birth Healthy Way To Stop Premature Birth

Here are some healthy tips for Hopeful mothers for their healthy child it has been seen many times that babies are born prematurely and when a baby comes out before completing the 37 weeks of pregnancy so the child development is incomplete and it may causes many health related problems in to the child.

Although the full term pregnancy needs about 40 weeks to complete and will produce healthy wealthy child but when the period get shorted then the problems like breathing difficulties, learning difficulties, and developmental disabilities in addition to being less likely to survive.

Now it is very essential to take something to prevent the condition of premature birth of child so recent studies have founded that folic acid is the best supplement to prevent you from the problem of premature birth of your child. So it has been advised to a women planning to become pregnant have long been advised to take folic acid daily or for minimum 12 weeks of pregnancy.

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