Get Rid Wrinkles Around Lips

Lip augmentation is a method which is used to create fuller lips. This method is also used to get rid of fine wrinkles around the mouth. The aim of the procedure is to inject collagen in the lips. Some times fat from other parts of the body is injected in the lips. As the time passes both collagen and fat are absorbed by the body and because of this repeated treatments are used to obtain better results. Nowadays new long lasting implants are available in the market which are known as Alloderm and Softform.

The material used in the injection should be natural and biocompatible. The proper placement of the implant is very important if you want to have desired results from the cosmetic procedure. The collagen used in the injections is prepared from donated skin. The most common site of the injection is the corner of the mouth.

After going under the procedure the patient can immediately return to his work. The period of recovery is very short and depends on the method of surgery used. The material which is used in the procedure should not be artificial as natural human tissue is never rejected by the body. All the implants used in the method are well tolerated by the patients but some of them can cause allergies. In some patients we can see redness,itching and swelling in the post operative period. Patient should go under collagen skin test before the surgery. This will protect against the risk of possible side effects of the lip augmentation.

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