Eyes: old attention to cosmetics, are harmful

eye cosmetics Old Eyes: old attention to cosmetics, are harmful

Let’s talk about health and beauty of our eyes. I appeal in particular to women who are used to make-up without too much attention to the origin or expiry of cosmetics that endeavor. I put myself there, I have to tell the truth, that’s why when I read the news of which I am about to speak, I immediately felt the need to share it with you. A group of American researcher’s optometrists has taken the trouble to analyze the products for makeup “Old”, or open a long time and no longer use. In fact it happens to find all the old eye shadow or eye pencils purchased years before, maybe end up in a drawer in the bathroom, and say “But you can still run.”

The question, in fact, it is this: you can still use it without really risks to health? The answer is clear: no. Especially the cosmetics for the eyes, such as mascara or cream eye shadows, they become harmful if open and not used for more than 18 months, because they have become, in all probability, a receptacle for fungi and bacteria that can cause infections.

For example, the old mascara can trigger blepharitis, which is a nuisance inflammation eyelid manifested by redness, burning and itching. Particularly at risk of setting the ground for the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms is the products cream, Dark or wet. So do local mind every time there is in the house and opened a cosmetic long time, if you feel that you have purchased more than a year before, throw it!

With respect, then, the moisturizers, Cleansing milk, toner and face masks, the experts are even more drastic, time to “validity”, once opened, is no more than three months. After this time, even if it seems a waste, throw it away. So, dear girls, now do yourself a ride home, rummaged in the drawers and vanity case all you possess, and make a better selection of your tricks “Expired”, then on … liberatevene. We lose a lot and certainly will gain in health.

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