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Acne treatment to eradicate blemishes
Alpha Hydroxy formulation of Pro-Vitamin A and NeoHydroxy Complex
Salicylic Acid and gentle exfoliants help refine pores
Promotes common cellular turnover
Minimizes the inflammation that happens with pimple lesions
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Product Description

deal with oily, acne-prone complexion with Exuviance Blemish treatment Gel, a specific option for complexion imperfections and blemishes. gentle exfoliants help eradicate impurities and refine pore sizing even although a concentrated formula of Pro-Vitamin A (Pro-Retinol) collectively with blemish-fighting Salicylic Acid, combine to manage surplus essential oil and concentrate on troubled areas. Our patented NeoHydroxy™ intricate – that contains the Alpha Hydroxy Acids Acetyl Mandelic Acid, Tartaric Acid and Citric Acid – has beneficial anti-oxidant components and promotes common cellular turnover to help uncover a smooth, wholesome looking complexion even although assisting to lessen the inflammation that happens with pimple lesions. This quick actions gel is identified getting a dermatologist founded complexion option founded to concentrate on blemishes and is also perfect for acne-prone, greasy complexion that desires specific care.Patented Alpha Hydroxy formulation of Pro-Vitamin A and NeoHydroxy™ intricate quick actions gel penetrates pores quickly consists of Salicylic Acid for deep exfoliation Dermatologist developed
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0.5 ounces

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the really best for me, dec 24, 2010

I come going to be utilizing this gel for several many years now. I am more mature adequate which you would think I shouldn’t get zits anymore, but every now after which they find out their way back again into my life, especially using the summer. This product features exceptional for me. I start utilizing it on the 1st signal that the pimple may be forming plus they don’t stand a chance. My complexion is as well dried out and delicate to create utilization of harsh products on my whole face, so I only use only a tiny amount straight near to the spot. I re-apply on the very least twice a day, extra often if I am at home. If for some goal I do not have this product with me (such as forgot to pack it) they will form, so i am aware it is this product that is saving me. I am glad to ascertain it on amazon as I just attempted to purchase it from my common area plus they no extended have it.

thanks once more amazon – and beauty.com.

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