Elicina Crema de Caracol Snail Cream Eliminates & Softens Wrinkles, Acne, Rosacea, Scars, Burns, Age Spots & Stretch Marks,review

Elicina Crema de Caracol Snail lotion Eliminates & Softens Wrinkles, Acne, Rosacea, Scars, Burns, Age destinations & expand MarksPrice:$25.00
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Elicina snail cream, an reliable merchandise from Chile, it is organic, natural and organic and hypoallergenic. Elicina consists of 80% snail secretion. it experienced been found how the snail secretion would heal wounds, do not develop to be infected, and would swiftly heal scar-free.
Elicina diminishes and softens: wrinkles, scars. queloids. burms. age & sunlight spots, expand marks, acne breakouts and warts.
Elicina can be an natural and organic cosmetological cream.
It has quick absortion. It does not stain your clothing or pores and skin if subjected to sunlight.
No snails are harmed at all. individuals of all ages can use Elicina
Goods Description:

Product Description

Be one of all those to get satisfaction from the marvelous and a fact benefits that only may be supplied in the inventors and creators using the Snail Cream. Your pores and skin deserves the Original.
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UPC: 891007000014
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Nice lotion with healing qualities, November 24, 2008

I have only been utilizing this creme for about three weeks. probably the most considerable progress may be the disappearance of the red-colored area on my forehead which i have experienced for on the very lowest one year. quite amazing so far.

Amazing cream!, April 27, 2010

I’ve been searcing for just about any lotion that could support fade acne breakouts scars that produced much more compared to last two years. i experienced been desperate to try anything, however hesitant on the identical time as I have quite delicate pores and skin that will break out even even worse based on what I use. dependent for one other reviews, I determined to try this snail lotion and am soooo glad I did. I understand that it didn’t purpose for a lot of different individuals – not anything performs for everyone – that very much I’ve certainly discovered within your past! Thank goodness it worked for me. In just below one day my red-colored scars are very much much less noticeable as well as probably the most effective part… I didn’t break out! (I even react to salicylic acid.) I experienced many different acne commencing also it took treatment of all those almost immediately. There’s no odor also it goes on lightly devoid of sensation greasy. (I even react to salicylic acid!) I can’t wait around for my pores and skin to go back again toward the way in which it employed to be… or on the very lowest near to it. How wonderful it will very likely be to not phone call for to place on tons of cosmetics and be worried about covering every and every inch of my cope with preceding to leaving the home every and every day. steering swimming this summer time will in reality be considered a specific thing to begin looking forward to. Thank you tiny snails!…just an update – I’ve been utilizing the lotion for about 8 weeks now and nevertheless adore it! I do try the as well as lotion and don’t like it as very much since the original. perfect stuff around by far!

It Works!, March 6, 2011

I have been completely utilizing Elicina for almost 10 many years now. I use it to preserve a obvious and younger-looking complexion. I experienced acne breakouts prone pores and skin all my life, however the problems disappeared long-term when I began utilizing Elicina. I am 47 now, and I am typically informed I don’t start looking my age. I don’t have noticeable wrinkes and my pores and skin is wholesome looking. I use elicina devoid of fail at evening preceding to bed, and occasionally within your morning. I also dab it straight on an incoming pimple, which requires place near to that time using the month. In conjuction with Elicina, I use a few of other pieces which i depend on and which have not allow me down. I use Cerave getting a moisturizer within your morning, below make up. For facial soap, I use Cuticura (drugstore.com; many different bucks every bar). Cuticura is just like elicina to me – indispensable. I don’t take advantage of the one for acne-prone skin; just the basic version, also it performs just fine. I use Cuticura all much more than my whole body as well. all those will be the large three – perfect pieces I buy. And I’ve attempted many different things. Lastly for topical constitute I use Bare Minerals. The above mixture may be marvelous for me. I wish this helps.


Makes my pores and skin really feel so good!, November 14, 2009

I employed this stuff many different many years ago to support obvious up my acne. (Can’t say something for it otherwise: expand marks, wrinkles, etc.) pursuing that, I stuck with many different OTC drug-store pieces with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Recently, I started to be tired of how dried out all those pieces make my pores and skin and certainly not genuinely liked the burning sensation that arrived with them. So, I determined to try Elicina again. the way in which I see it, a jar must last me a thirty days or more, easy. So, we’re speaking $1 daily as opposed to $0.20 daily for just about any merchandise which produces my pores and skin really feel oh-so-good as opposed to burning and terrible… extremely propose this stuff!

Best Product, perfect worth to obvious Acne!, August 23, 2008

I am acne breakouts no providing price primarily as a end result of Elicina. Only only a tiny quantity is required and properly worth the price!

This stuff is in reality amazing!, November 10, 2010

I am twenty many years more mature and have been completely plagued with horrible acne breakouts granted which i experienced been 14. i experienced been also diagnosed with PCOS which produces my acne breakouts even even worse than normal. I’ve attempted Clearasil, Neutrogina, Proactiv, delivery deal with as well as home made treatment options and practically nothing worked. I observed about Elicina by means of the grapevine, and honestly, i experienced been doubtful. But I review evaluations on other internet webpages and the majority of them seemed to sing Elicina’s praises, so I determined to provide it a try and I am SO glad which i did. I’ve been utilizing it for about a thirty days and my pores and skin may be probably the most effective it’s looked in years. My acne breakouts is significantly decreased (and acquiring much better every and every day) and my acne breakouts scars are disappearing too! I reside in the dorm and my pores and skin was so bad which i employed to phone call for to place constitute on preceding to walking right down the hall toward the bathing room to steer obvious of embarrassment. Now I don’t phone call for to undertake that!!! I’m not embarrassed of my pores and skin anymore

To other buyers, Elicina does dried out your pores and skin out somewhat, but for all those which have generally greasy pores and skin like me, this could be in reality a fabulous thing! It also skills a quite smoothing texture and produces your pores and skin really feel smooth as quickly when you place it on. one more marvelous point about it may be the reality that it is not difficult to use. With proactiv, it needs 3-4 actions every and every morning and night, and with Elicina, you just rub it into your cope with twice daily pursuing washing.

Also, I’ve experienced my jar for just about any thirty days and it’s about half empty, so I think it must last about a few of months.

Highly, highly, extremely recommend.

I would purchase again!, January 5, 2011

I try many different hand lotion and practically nothing workd. But I place this lotion on my dried out hand and also this saved my hand. This also decent for my cope with too.

Wow, this may be probably the most effective product, I like it so very much I am importing from Chile and providing on Amazon!, July 4, 2008

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