Dry Skin Home Remedies – Treat Skin Dryness Naturally

Dry pores and skin is a pores and skin which comprises low quantities of sebum or oil. Attributable to poor sebum secretion, the pores and skin turns into parched, flaky and intensely itchy. The pores and skin fails to retain moisture after each wash and turns into all of the extra dry. The state of affairs may be managed by making use of an exterior moisturizing cream. Dry pores and skin turns into very delicate and itchiness could soar to maddening ranges, inflicting one to violently scratch the pores and skin with a again scratcher. Chapping, cracking and wrinkles are the indicators of dryness of pores and skin. Areas like arms, palms, decrease legs, sides of stomach, cheeks, across the eyes are liable to dryness. Dryness, if ignored for a very long time, could result in dermatitis or pores and skin irritation and an infection.

Causes of Dry Pores and skin

1. Malnutrition and deficiency of Vitamin A and B.2. Genetic grounds3. Low sebum secretion4. Publicity to solar, wind, chilly and chemical compounds.5. Wintry weather6. In air-conditioned rooms7. Itchy clothing8. Bathing with harsh soaps9. Extended scorching showers.10. Pores and skin situations like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea.11. Medicines like diuretics, antispasmodics, antihistamines.12. Ailments like diabetes, hypothyroidism.

Dwelling Cures for Dry Pores and skin

1. Massaging face and physique with olive oil or almond oil earlier than going to mattress at evening can deal with the issue of dry pores and skin.

2. Soaking the face and physique in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes is an efficient treatment.

3. Castor oil and avocado oil are very useful for treating extreme dryness.

4. Massaging with grape seed oil is an efficient dwelling treatment for dry pores and skin.

5. One could apply earlier than bathtub, a positive combination of egg yolk, one teaspoon orange juice, one teaspoon olive oil and few drops of rose water and lime juice. This helps to combat dryness.

6. Massaging pores and skin with a combination of cream of milk, rose water and lime juice is a helpful treatment. It erases positive strains and wrinkles.

7. Utility of a combination of clay powder and one teaspoon honey additionally eradicates dryness.

8. One could apply mashed banana on pores and skin, depart it for 15 minutes after which wash off with lukewarm water.

9. Utility of aloe Vera gel after bathtub manages the issue of dryness.

10. One could apply few drops of lavender important oil to bathtub water. This remedy additionally reduces dryness.

11. It’s advisable to scrub face with mineral water somewhat than faucet water, for these affected by dryness.

12. Correct and nutritious diet additionally helps in treating dry pores and skin issues from the basis. Eating regimen ought to comprise all dietary values, which is critical for our pores and skin. You may also take natural dietary supplements to fill the hole of dietary values.

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