Clear Lift Ultra Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream

With premature aging being one of the major issues faced by today’s middle-age generation’ significance of effective anti aging treatments is ever growing. Clear Lift Ultra is one of the most-demanded anti-aging solutions available in the market. It offers a concentrated treatment for an aging skin that brings about marked reduction in aging signs. Probing further into the review let us review some of its most talked about features and results.

Clear Lift Ultra treats the skin in an extremely delicate manner. The package comprises of two different products – Smooth Rejuvenation and Replenish Eyes. Smooth Rejuvenation provides for a complete face lift. It consists of Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. These compounds directly suppress the aging symptoms exhibited on the skin.


  1. The product is composed of Argireline which is an essential protein derivative rich in amino acids. The compound works by inhibiting the collagen breakdown process of your skin. Thus it prevents the skin from deforming due to lack of collagen.
  2. It contains Marine Collagen and peptides that promotes the production of new collagen cells. Also’ these compounds naturally repair the damage caused due to lost collagen.
  3. The product is a package of separate treatments for the normal facial skin and the more sensitive skin surround the eyes. The ingredients are altered in each of the twin creams so as to suit the temperament of different type of skin cells.
  4. Its Replenish Eyes works on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. This specifically diminishes the wrinkle formation around the eyes. The cream is absolutely free from any sort of irritant cosmetic chemicals.
  5. The basic cream included in the package’ namely Smooth Rejuvenation works as a smooth face lift. Unlike the case of other anti aging creams’ you need not wait for weeks to see the results produced by Clear Lift. Yes’ it is the instant magic of this special product that had made it instantly popular too. It is effective in the short term plus aids you in maintaining your youthfulness in the far term.
  6. It is the best product for you if you need noticeable results within a matter of hours. It is an instant treatment that can be seen as a safer alternative to Botox injections.
  7. The product is currently marketed with a free trial offer. Besides the free trail’ the manufactures are also ready for a money back guarantee.


  1. Clear Lift Ultra is available only in one standard size.
  2. The effect of Clear Lift is instantaneous but after 8 to 10 hours’ the difference brought forth appears to wean off.

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