Care of children, including natural medicine can be dangerous

natural medicine Care of children, including natural medicine can be dangerous

Many parents to treat their children use natural medicine or alternative. A study by Australian researchers Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne argues that certain remedies can be dangerous, especially if taken in place of conventional medicines.

Most parents choose this type of therapy because they think it is less harmful and has mostly minor side effects. Unfortunately, according to the study, nearly 66% of cases, side effects are more serious and even fatal. The research analyzed 39 different situations that occurred between 2011 and 2003. In 30 cases the complications are due to the use of complementary medicines and 17 cases have been damaged by not having taken a drug Traditional: To understand, from having discontinued therapy without medical indications.

Among the examples, the case of a child of eight months dead malnutrition for septic shock and being fed only with rice milk the age of three months for (treating) congestion, then that only a small 10 months hospitalized for septic shock after being treated for a chronic eczema with homeopathic medicines and a diet severe.

As mentioned earlier, the main mistake is to believe in the fact that alternative drugs are not real drugs, and then totally harmless. With these products, parents have tried to cure everything from simple problems such as constipation, a very serious disorder. The main side effects have occurred: constipation, mouth ulcers, vomiting, Convulsions, bleeding, allergic reactions, Infections Malnutrition and, in severe cases, death. The researchers commented:

Many of the adverse effects are associated with the non-use of traditional medicines in favor of confidence in alternative medicines and their determination to use it despite the doctor’s opinion.

This is not a crusade against Homeopathic medicine or alternative, but as with all things, we must absolutely be followed by a doctor and think that not all diseases can be solved that way. In short, logic, balance and common sense.

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