Brown’s Article On Heart Healthy Dieting

Heart healthy diet

Doesn’t this heart healthy diet look delicious?

Our Introduction To Heart Healthy Diets

Brown discusses several aspects of heart healthy diets including the role of fiber and carbohydrates. Importantly she also tells you what not to do.

The Right Diet For Heart Health
By: Brown

When we are willing to lose weight without using diet pills, weight loss supplements or fat burners, we are searching for the best diet plans available. Choosing the best one might be difficult, because there are hundreds of different diets available in magazines and online. Even more, choosing a diet does not base on a single matter, the right diet has to be healthy for our mind, body and heart too. Our heart is the engine of our body, is the middle of our lives so we need to take good care of it; that is why for a healthy heart we need to follow a well developed and built, balanced diet. The bets diet to star following needs to match two requirements: to be low in saturated fats and high in fiber.

Fiber is essential to lower the level of cholesterol, which can increase the risk of diabetes, several types of cancer and heart diseases. Soluble fiber is helping your body clear out cholesterol from the bloodstream, so eating peas, oatmeal, dried beans and barley everyday can help you protect your heart. Your body also needs insoluble fiber, which can be found in fruits and vegetables like Brussels sprouts and beets or whole-grain foods.

Carbohydrates are also essential in your diet, offering you vitamins, nutrients, the needed calories and fiber; that is why it should consist 50-60% of your diet. Near the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables you need to eat brown rice, pastas, legumes and whole-grain bread to get the needed amount of carbohydrates into your body. You do not need to buy tens of vitamin and mineral supplements to get the daily amount. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain food contain large amounts of vitamins (B-6, B-12, A, C, E), which take proper care of your heart.

The key of a proper diet plan development is balance. You need to develop a diet plan, which contain food giving you the right percentage of good carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals, which will not only be beneficial for your body and mind, but will also minimize the risk of stroke and heart diseases, cancer and diabetes.

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