Blue light in neonatology baby health

neonatology newborn jaundice baby health Blue light in neonatology baby health

There is a system that is used in neonatology and is used to treat newborn jaundice this formula is baby health food known phototherapy “Bilisoft. One such precious equipment was donated in current days to the Structure of Neonatology Santa Maria Nova Onus organization Draft by the chick. The Bilisoft is an LED and fiber optics that allows you to supply phototherapy treatments that has proved very helpful for treating the ‘neonatal jaundice.

newborn jaundice baby care Blue light in neonatology baby health

Jaundice in newborns is fairly normal and arise with a yellow skin and sclera and is due to high blood natural health, generally seen towards the 2nd-3rd day of life and passes by the first week, if not care can cause much more serious and complex diseases to treat. Baby crib the glut can become toxic and impair brain function, the Bilisoft care by using a blue light phototherapy because at a given frequency produces a radiation which converts the health info into baby health that is more simply eliminated from the liver.

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