Best Moisturizer For Face Wrinkles

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The Best Facial Moisturizer Should Include Lots of Natural Ingredients

Author: Kathryn M. Reid

Lets face it… every skin care cream manufacturer is going to tell you their product is the best facial moisturizer. So, how do you figure out which one to get?

The best facial moisturizer should include natural oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and emollients. Clinical testing and careful blending of these natural ingredients is required to make a good quality skin cream.

Natural oils provide a seal over your skin, which helps reduce evaporation of water from the skins surface. However, care needs to be taken when evaluating ingredients on product labels. Be sure to avoid mineral oils that are commonly used in skin care creams because they are cheap. These oils tend to clog your pores, preventing them from breathing.

Good natural hydrating and moisturizing oils, anti-oxidants and emollients are:

Avocado Oil – a powerful anti-oxidant with vitamin E, omegas 3 and 9 and high levels of chlorophyll to improve health and vitality of you skin.

Grapeseed Oil – an astringent to help tighten and tone your skin, it also has great skin moisturizing properties.

Jojoba Oil – it contains powerful anti-oxidants to minimize oxidation and fight free radicals.

Macadamia Oil – it has a naturally high concentration of palmitoleic acid (40%). It is one of the most effective anti-oxidants; it penetrates skin quickly and is excellent for dry sensitive skin.

CoenzymeQ10 – CoQ10 in a nano-emulsion form Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. A powerful anti-oxidant. It can penetrate deep into your skin to enhance cell activity and hydrate dry sensitive skin.

D-Panthenol – a pro-vitamin rich in vitamin B5. It’s also a moisturizer, emollient and humectant.

Crodamol CP – derived from palm oil lipid. A nourishing plant based emollient and an ultra mild skin smoothing ester.

The best face moisturizer should also include special substances that can enhance and regenerate your very own skin cells. Look for these ingredients in your next tube of moisturizer:

Phytessence Wakame – extracted from Japanese sea kelp, it helps collagen and elastin fibers retain their glue. An anti-oxidant that can help inhibit the harmful enzyme hyalurondase that breaks down hyaluronic acid in your skin. It moisturizes and helps to heal irritated dry skin.

Cynergy TK – contains functional keratin that is capable of stimulating your very own collagen and elastin proteins to re-grow. This increase strengthening and thickening of your skin helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Finally, Using a product containing these excellent natural ingredients, will put you on track to obtaining the best facial moisturizer money can buy.

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