Beauty: The “Stem massage for face and body toning

Stem massage Beauty: The Stem massage for face and body toning

Are you ready for a long massage that will raise your beauty? Today we speak of Stem massage, a very special treat that already several Spa and Beauty Farms are proposing to care face and body. This is a very deep massage, which with remodeling and toning To make the beauticians who specialize in using the “tools” in wood Cherry called stems. A real set of tools shapes and sizes, with one end shaped like a ball being made “slip” soft on skin surface.

The use of ointments and creams are chosen according to the specific needs of each woman moisturizers, draining, anti-cellulite, etc. Supplements and “strengthens” the beauty treatment. In about two hours of massage, it performs a full mechanical action throughout the body, acting with the stems in pairs, engaged, from time to time, about pressure movements subtle but profound. The beads can also tighten and gently lift flaps of skin, a kind of gymnastics toning of tissues, which, at least once a month, is able to stimulate cell function.

So at the end of the session, you will find younger and “tense”. The firming tissue is enhanced, as we anticipated, use of specific cosmetic, which penetrates completely through massage and act in a much more effective. The stem massage is also available in a variant only dedicated to the treatment of face. The stems, in this case, are smaller and pointed, and the effect that you get to the final session, is to see less obvious signs of subsidence, features tenser, skin bright Compact.

A real treat Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, which uses the same principles as acupuncture, are stimulating energy points. With regard to costs the stem massage for the body has a price that is around € 250 per session (two hours) and one reserved for the face costs around € 150. You just have to inquire at beauty salon closer and book your beauty elixir…

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