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Does Not Contain: artificial thickeners.
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Nothings much better for sun-exposed epidermis than aloe, and theres no much better aloe below the sunshine than Aubreys, made with 98% licensed organic and natural ingredients, as well as a touch of our organic and natural preservative. hold a bottle within your beach the front bag or backpack to soothe and hydrate stressed epidermis on contact, and retain one within your refrigerator for just about any awesome pick-me-up.
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Truly Cooling when kept within refrigerator, March 26, 2006




In preparation for summer, this appears an vital product. not just will Aloe Vera heal the skin, it provides a cooling option to heavier lotions and lotions. this really is purely Aloe Vera with citrus seed extract and supplement E for preservation. you need to retain this merchandise within refrigerator pursuing opening. that is superb merely because then it is continually cold.

Because this really is so natural, the merchandise is somewhat fluid as well as only a little goes a lengthy way. The consistency may vary, however the one I acquired appears just like freshly pressed aloe vera and also this could possibly be additional to home made elegance products you are utilizing shortly pursuing you make them.

The higher absorption with this merchandise is amazing and
there is no sticky feel. You can use it like a cooling
hand humidity option and seconds later, all you will observe is your epidermis plumping slightly and sensation smooth and pretty soft.

100% organic and natural Ingredients

~The Rebecca evaluation

Keep on hand every one of the time; finest I’ve found-read my edit for badly burned hand (yeah, i experienced been dumb), dec 20, 2009

My home is certainly not without the need of aloe vera and I’ve attempted pretty a few kinds. the majority of what may be readily available to me may be in gel form, but I use all those acquiring an amazing offer trepidation and discomfort. to create it gel-like, carcinogenic preservatives are used, collectively with artificial colors, scents, etc. All I want is 100% aloe vera.

Since acquiring this particular product, I retain one bottle for the frig home whatsoever instances for just about any extra instant cooling, soothing effect. one bottle is within bathing room meds cupboard and one within bedroom.

I have transformed all my foot/hand lotions and whole body lotions and merely use this instead. No scents, no greasy residue, no rubbing it in permanently and nonetheless have slippery fingers/hands, no gunk for the home knobs, etc. I appear throughout a teeny tiny little goes a lengthy way also it dries pretty quickly. It keeps my epidermis soft, elastic and wholesome looking, from chin to toe nails. Hardly any rubbing in, it is extra like making one pass acquiring a wet hand also it is done! And pursuing practically 28 weeks of different cancer treatment options that burned, irritated and destroyed my skin, this may be considered a Godsend. It also assisted to relieve the painful, itchy shingles that experienced been a element cause the chemo and radiation treatments.

I use it frequent on every one of the dogs’ paw pads, twice/daily within winter months. It has transformed two pad protector products I’ve employed for years, each of which experienced been pretty expensive. The dogs’ pads are now soft, pliant and healthy. No dried out spots; no cracks so they injure their pads a whole whole lot much lower than before to when operating and digging and playing. Heck, even walking them accustomed to tear up their pads. also it isn’t a struggle to take advantage of a thick gunk after which commit every one of the time rubbing it in to every toe pad and dew claw pad genuine splendid so they don’t gunk up the floor, carpets and beds. A saturated cotton ball, a fast dab on every paw pad, it is dried out and absorbed plus they are done. 6 puppies in much lower than 5 minutes. Thank you Aubrey Organics!

I use this for kitchen area mishaps (that tea kettle gets me a whole whole lot as do the oven racks and micro steam!), hand, foot and whole body lotion, to soothe sunburned arms/shoulders, just about something and everything.

Keep in ideas this really is not only a gel nor a thick lotion-type product. It appears and feels especially like water. No scent, no color. Just aloe vera. It is refreshing straight out in the bottle (which features a push-up sort spout for releasing only a little amount at a time) at space temp or could be kept within frig for just about any extra cooling, soothing instant effect.

I’ve dabbed this for the dogs’ chests and bellies pursuing they’ve laid within sunshine and dirt in the property within warmer weeks to sooth the irritation and small scrapes and properly as insect bites on them and me. I’ve game it on their ft and legs once the actively playing gets as well bumpy plus they scrape/cut by themselves for the stones, sticks within yard. This could possibly be the all-around soothing, healer. It is clean, quick, absorbent and efficient. gets the work done swiftly and cleanly.

I use it myself, esp. pursuing shaving my legs within shower, also it performs much better than every one of the high-priced and not-so-expensive lotions and lotions I’ve wasted my bucks on all these years.

One product; countless uses; remarkable results; ease of use; simply stored; lasts a lengthy time; splendid worth for the price; non-toxic, safe, no chemicals, preservatives or bad stuff in it at all. short of wanting to retain an aloe plant alive, this could possibly be the up coming finest thing!

I won’t be without the need with this ever! Can’t go wrong.

Edit: 1/21/10 – Burned myself BADLY getting dumb 4 times ago. Pulled the heating equipment by applying the electric powered griddle when finished ‘griddling’ pancakes and practically dropped it. I say ‘almost’ merely because like a moron, I attempted catching it like a reflex action. Well, I caught it alright. Closed the 3″ plug-in material stem most appropriate within palm of my hand. I knew immediately that this heating element was in the very lowest 400 degrees and I could inform by applying the sensation in my palm it absolutely was a bad, bad burn. instead of the automated ‘run below chilly water’, I grabbed the aloe I retain for the frig home and steadily dribbled it into my hand and allow it run much more compared to element especially where the worst element in the burn up was. merely since it experienced been within frig and was cold, I could really feel the relief most appropriate apart but since it dried, it harm like heck. I repeated the app all through the evening about 5 times, utilizing possibly 4 drops every time. It is now 4 times granted which i experienced been that dumb and I certainly not obtained a blister, certainly not experienced it bubble up, it certainly not scabbed over, and also this morning I can barely see it. It do scar a teeny bit, but practically nothing like I believed it could dependent on my previous experiences of burning myself. Also, over the 2nd day, it no lengthier harm when I obtained my arms in warm/hot consuming water like melts away do for times pursuing the original attack. This circumstance alone will undoubtedly assure I certainly not run away from this stuff.

The only ALL organic and natural Aloe Vera I could find, June 28, 2009

I purchased this Aloe Vera tonic in the whole food Market. I look at the labels to every one of another makers and also this was the only one which could really say it is all natural. pursuing washing my cope with and applying Kiss My cope with Toner, I take advantage of Aubrey Aloe Vera all much more than my cope with and include an additional layer much more than trouble areas (like red-colored spots and acne). My cope with feels lightly hydrated without the need of the greasy or heavily wet sensation you receive with other products. I’m only 24 and I’m utilizing this merchandise along acquiring a frequent mineral sunscreen to stay obvious of scars, discoloration, age spots, and wrinkles. other people have noted that it tends to make their epidermis start looking more youthful and wrinkle free.
My mom could be considered a chef and ordinarily gets melts away on her cope with from warm essential oil splashing. She utilizes genuine aloe vera factories by applying the garden and applies it straight to her face. This has done wonders for her, leaving her scar free. this really is what made me a believer in Aloe within 1st place.

Aubreys is liquidy merely because there are no additives that ensure it is gel like. I would advise placing it in only a little spray/mist bottle, and spraying it straight much more than your face.

Got rid of hyperpigmentation!, September 12, 2009

I was skeptical in the merchandise merely because I endure from hyperpigmentation. at any time I have an injury, bite, scrape, no create a difference what, I’m left acquiring a mark pursuing it heals. i experienced been little by one thing numerous instances on my arms and I scratched them. once the bumps dried, i experienced been left with small to method sized marks! I looked for pure aloe vera. I found this on and made a decision to try it. It worked wonders for me. just about every mark, new and outdated that it touched, vanished. i experienced been pretty delighted using the product. Didn’t genuinely hold lengthy either. affordable and effective. i experienced been really astonished and satisfied. stick to the directions although and retain it within refrigerator pursuing every use. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective. splendid luck collectively with your healing!

Great, organic and natural aloe vera – without the need of substance preservatives, April 17, 2009

Wonderful organic and natural merchandise – the only one I found without the need of different substance preservatives. It could be considered a little liquidy (less gel-like), however it is effortless to spread, it dries fast, and provides superb relief for dried out or sunburned skin. splendid available for you and splendid for the environment. I’ll be buying it again.

Worked great!, March 5, 2009

My cat’s heels experienced been raw and scabbed merely as a final result of weight-loss on account of his center medication, and I required a organic and natural topical option that wouldn’t harm him if he licked it off. My vet advised 100% pure aloe vera. Sadly, my hamster went into center failure in November 2008, but within last numerous days of my boy’s life, this aloe do hold out in healing raw heels. I’ve used it myself a few time on pretty dried out patches of epidermis also it performs great!

Finally pure aloe vera without the need of every one of the chemicals, July 17, 2008

This is what I’ve been searching for for just about any loooong time. Aloe Vera without the need of every one of the chemicals. in circumstance you look at the ingredient lists in your frequent aloe vera lotion / gel that you just can purchase in any grocery store store, there are continually substance ingredients additional to create the aloe vera juice right into a gel. Aubrey Organics’ Aloe Vera does not consist of those additives. whatever you receive is pure aloe vera with only a little of organic and natural grapeseed extract in it (which may be also splendid for the skin!). That’s why the consistency could be considered a little different, too. It’s extra like juice, type of runny, but that’s how aloe vera is in nature. It goes in your epidermis nicely and sinks in completely without the need of the residue that you just get from commercial gels. splendid product! retain it within your refrigerator to prolong its shelf lifestyle and also to include to its epidermis cooling and restoring properties! I’m hooked and won’t purchase any other aloe vera merchandise anymore.

Very Good, March 16, 2010

Pure Aloe Vera in the bottle is pretty difficult to find. This merchandise experienced no additional substance ingredients or alcohol. fast shipping. I used this to deal with radiation treatment site. Worked wonderfully.

Seems to hold out properly for my teen’s acne!, feb . 16, 2009

My esthetician advised utilizing 100% aloe for assisting with acne, so I found this on and obtained it. The aloe facilitates stay obvious of too much sebum production which could inhibit the acne breakouts from surfacing. although this merchandise features a watery substance, it absorbs into epidermis more quickly and much less difficult merely as a final result of it.

Natural superb product, September 30, 2009

I was searching for just about any lengthy time for just about any merchandise that didn’t consist of artificial/carcinogenic preservatives, colorants etc. This could possibly be the merchandise that is as organic and natural is it could get! instead of adding preservatives, Aubrey recommends to retain the fluid within your fridge. this really is simply done and undoubtedly worth it thinking about you are eliminating the necessity of synthetised preservatives. genuinely advised FOR individuals WHO ARE searching for genuine organic and natural PRODUCT!

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