Anti-Aging Research

Anti aging research provides a lot of information on the process of anti aging and the medications involved. The main goal of this research is the development of effective anti aging medicines and treatments. Many anti aging sprays, capsules, pills, tablets and therapies are the outcome anti aging research.

Anti aging research aims to prevent, slow, or reverse the aging process. It is proved that some substances found in food and wine can extend human life. According to new anti aging research, caloric restriction with sufficient nutrition is the only way to reduce aging. Many findings of anti aging research confirm that natural herbs such as nopal cactus, gymnema sylvestre, reishi mushroom, konjac mannan, wild American ginseng and blueberry leaf can increase longevity.

Along with caloric intake, there is a trend to use the fasting method to help extend life. Fasting has benefits beyond extending life; it is effective in helping overcoming certain diseases. When the intake of food is eliminated for a period of time, the body has a chance to repair itself through natural processes.

According to anti aging research, the human growth hormone (HGH) can help with weight lose, boost the immune system, improve memory and mood, lower blood pressure, gain lean muscle and help in many other ways. With the recent discovery of anti aging mortality genes, genetic anti aging research has become a hot topic and many scientists are joining in. Recent research aims to reveal anti-aging technologies that could prolong your life span by as much as 25 years.

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