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minimizes bodily appearance of good lines and wrinkles
Renews moisture, refines texture, improves elasticity and pores and skin tone
For dried out to common pores and skin types; fragrance-free
consists of 10% pure Glycolic-AHA and supplement E
Goods Description:

Product Description

Concentrated pure glycolic acid (one within of probably the most effective alpha hydroxy acids inside the market) performs diligently in your complexion, leaving pores and skin visibly firmer, smoother, and much more refined getting a simple, once-a-day ask for with this remedy lotion. For additional moisturizing benefits, pure supplement E–long identified to beautifully rehydrate skin–is also a important ingredient.10% AHA Anti-Wrinkle Treatment. advised for: dried out to common pores and skin Types. Not for use on delicate/sensitive skin. Absorbs quickly. Fragrance-free. effective pH 4. verified to considerably reduce the bodily appearance of good lines and wrinkles. Safely lifts lifeless tissue away from your skin’s surface area to revitalize and help restore youthful, healthy, radiant-looking skin. Renews moisture, refines texture, improves elasticity and pores and skin tone. specifically formulated with wealthy moisturizers and supplement E. consists of 10% pure Glycolic-AHA. The exfoliating impact of Alpha Hydrox enhanced Lotion may be also advantageous for use inside the legs, arms and body. Its wealthy moisturizers and alpha hydroxy provide soft, smooth, silky pores and skin when utilized on these areas.
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6.4 x 2.3 x 1.2 inches ; 8.5 ounces

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ASIN: B000052YM7

UPC: 735379310008
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BEST SKINCARE collection I’ve tried–and at an unbeatable price, June 30, 2008

Quickly approaching (a still, sadly, instead vain) age 40, I have personally invested merely a tiny fortune over the many years attempting to slow the growing more mature treatment and reverse the outcomes of as well numerous times invested gardening without the need of sunscreen. I cannot even start to checklist each of the options I’ve somewhat foolishly gambled on to acquire my pores and skin looking better. This product–and numerous other options supplied by method of the business NEOTERIC (all below the Alpha Hydrox brand)–are especially the response I’ve been looking for. I’ve utilized them each alone and in conjunction getting a much more pricey producer of anti-aging options (for which I’ve also left decent crucial reviews on this site), and I can see excellent improvements each ways.

I made a decision to try this producer of alpha hydroxy lotion appropriate after reading through in Dr. Oz’s (and Dr. Roizen’s) e book You: Staying Young: The Owner’s guide for Extending Your ensure (You). I’d attempted numerous other alpha hydroxy options previous to this just one (i.e. ROC, etc.) and should say this particular collection (ALPHA HYDROX) is much remarkable to any other I’ve used. That it may be also apparently considerably much less pricey than most is icing inside the cake, in my book.

Regarding this product, I find out the important will be to take advantage of it no much lower than after a day, and invariably appropriate after utilizing a mild cleanser. At my age I nevertheless get acne breakouts and, regardless of my occasionally manic picking, I observe it (and any residual puffiness or redness, and resulting scarring) clears up much, very much much more quickly than it utilized to. Also, my pores and skin breaks out very much much lower than previous to I utilized this. The tone and coloring of my pores and skin are much enhanced when in comparison to previous to utilizing this product. I’ve work away from it previous to and attempted to take advantage of a specific thing else right up until i experienced been in a location to locate much more locally, and also to my dismay the situation of my pores and skin started to deteriorate.

I won’t make an effort to insult anybody by saying the Alpha Hydrox collection will remove just about every wrinkle or fix all of your skincare woes. If there is truly a product or provider around that does this, I need to know! But for now, that is by much just one of the wonderful collection of options I’ve used. I use this item, particularly, using the collection of skincare I reviewed previously, as that appears to deal with reversing the indicators of growing more mature very much better (where this one, for me, just improves the all round situation and bodily appearance of my skin).

great exfoliator, dec 15, 2007

I have utilized this product or provider for a lot of years and was so disappointed when it seemed the majority of my online community store halted providing it. I am 38 and prone to acne, generally over a month-to-month basis. I have a tendency for getting intermittantly lazy in applying pores and skin remedy products, but what I invariably loved about this just one could be the simple fact that if my pores and skin began looking dull or breakouts have been starting, by applying this as an appropriate apart remedy it truly seemed to nip it regardless of the simple fact that in the bud. It goes on really slim and gentle and from the following evening my pores and skin will be very much fresher and clearer. Also, the AHA % is really huge for just about any product or provider on this cost range and for 6 oz you just can’t beat it.

I have utilized this for 15+ years!, January 12, 2008

I have utilized this moisturizer just about every morning for numerous many years. It is cost effective when most other product or provider lines are really expensive. The last results are fantastic. I have females ask for me each of the time how I sustain my confront wrinkle free. I write about this product or provider info. w/ everyone. It’s awesome. It’s mild. It has no powerful perfume smell. I arranged on it with or without the need of make-up and I certainly not leave it at the rear of on getaway or vacations. should you need to give your confront or any element of your whole body a wonderful wealthy dampness remedy daily…use this. It’s the best!

Simply just one of the wonderful – and never Just For Faces!, August 5, 2008

As a lifelong resident of Florida, at 51 I have pores and skin that’s decorated with many, numerous sunshine spots. My arms and legs are especially impacted from the places and I’ve been self-conscious about them for years. I’ve been really pleased using the Alpha Hydrox lotion for my confront so I made a decision to try the lotion on my arms and legs.

I’ve been utilizing it now for about 6 weeks along using the alter in my skin’s bodily appearance is fantastic! The places will certainly not go away, but they are much, very much fainter and much less noticeable. all round your pores and skin is smoother and softer and just appears and feels very much better.

I use this most evenings, placing it on my arms and legs regardless of the simple fact which i view TV. I wait around anyplace from 10 mins to an hour after which arranged over a common moisturizing lotion. I’ve evaluate warnings how the AHA will induce your pores and skin for getting much more susceptible to sunburning, so I’ve been cautious to take advantage of a whole body lotion with SPF 15 just about every morning supplied that commencing this routine. I have no idea once the AHA truly tends to make sunburning much more likely, or once the SPF lotion is producing any difference, but my pores and skin appears and feels excellent so I’m happy.

If you have delicate pores and skin and haven’t utilized AHA options previous for you may need to begin out getting a 8% remedy and purpose your way up, but I haven’t experienced any response to this lotion. If I possess a refreshing scratch or boo-boo it may sting merely a tiny when I key arranged it on, but that’s it. I really extremely propose this product or provider for anybody who wishes smoother, better-looking skin!

Fantastic Product, September 12, 2005


I recently invested on this from the online community store, I should admit I only purchased it supplied that it absolutely was decreased price. But I have be utilizing it twice daily for two weeks along using the important thing difference in my pores and skin is really apparent. I am a dark 46 yr. old, supplied that utilizing this my pores and skin glows, my cheeks are typically rosy, my pores and complexion is evening out and my pores appear better. And my pores and skin is so gentle like a baby’s. I will be positively be utilizing this for pretty some time, along using the total amount you obtain 6oz. is pretty many product. moreover to my confront and neck, I have be utilizing it on arms plus they are smoother and much less wrinkled. I need I could bath on this stuff. I would extremely propose it and there is tiny to no smell away from your product.

Best and lowest pricey AHA product, April 5, 2004


A Customer

Forget about those people pricey and fancy options that cost 10 occasions more. This could be the product or provider you see instant result. It also assists with acne and discolorations with acne breakouts scars. I have guys and females can be found as very much as me and ask for me numerous occasions on what product or provider I am utilizing on my face. It performs wonders. Don’t waste materials your bucks inside the pricey stuff any more. You will be really pleased with this brand.

The bottom line: The Alpha Hydrox collection performs very much better than pricey products, may 14, 2008

The complete product or provider collection performs really Well. No false hype or inflated promises as well as the brand ny occasions recently touted the powers of alpha hydroxy acids supplied which they do purpose nicely and possess a observe report to prove it. There merely is no should commit an too much amount for decent healthful pores and skin care. There undoubtedly are a handful of verified productive components in options around that truly purpose and that is just one of them. Also, Paula Begoun has long been a keen truthful watchdog for a lot of years about what performs and what is pure hype, I surfed into her website and it’s chock complete of information & truths.

The Best!!!`, may 13, 2008

Alpha Hydrox was advised to me with a dermatologist many years ago. Thank goodness! I have very much better pores and skin than anybody my age which i know. You can purchase options that come going to be very much much more pricey but positively nothing performs collectively with this does. try IT!

give it a try, may 5, 2005

why didnt i have identified about this product or provider before. its just one of the wonderful ive tried..and i have attempted everything. also it performs w/ delicate pores and skin as well (although it says not for delicate skin). its really gentle. havent experienced any irritation at all. i wish decent crucial reviews would encourge other people to try this product or provider so they wont consider it away the market.

A excellent product, may 9, 2010

I obtained this lotion to help with my acne. I am 30 and have experienced moderate to serious acne breakouts supplied that my earlier teens. It has worsened in current years. I’d noticed decent troubles about glycolic acid like a truly thorough exfoliator, which could help minimize comfortably on acne. I thought, for $10, I experienced positively nothing to drop by attempting it. appropriate after washing getting a mild non-soap cleanser, I arranged inside the AHA enhanced Lotion previous to bed and took my niacin and zinc supplements. I anticipated it could consider a few weeks previous to I saw a measurable main difference in my skin, if any; possibly that, or I’d react poorly to it and would wake up getting a bad breakout.

To my surprise, appropriate after just one USE my pores and skin was noticeably improved. I woke the following morning and stared in amazement at my confront regardless of the simple fact that in the mirror — not merely have been all my acne breakouts places scaled-down and very much much less inflamed than when I’d gone to bed, but my pores and skin experienced an all round healthful glow to it that is has literally never, actually experienced before, except maybe when i experienced been a really youthful child. The dim red-colored scars all over my cheeks from years’ worth of bad breakouts have been noticeably lighter. appropriate after just one use. i experienced been truly astonished and couldn’t think the last results — I experienced to think about images of myself and assess them to more mature images for getting good I wasn’t ridiculous (I wasn’t!).

I’ve now been utilizing AHA enhanced nightly for about a month. In that time, my pores and skin has long been closer to 100% obvious than I actually dreamed it could be. It’s not completely blemish-free, however the zits I do have are tiny, infrequent, and obvious within of the evening or two (I have to note, the products I’m getting also have experienced a noticeable effect, noted previous to I began utilizing this lotion, so I can’t say that my acne breakouts achievement is 100% supplied that of AHA…but it’s most positively helped!) I have also observed a noticeable decrease regardless of the simple fact that in the good lines near to my eyes. No, this lotion will not make your lines go apart entirely, but I are actually pleased to be aware that it appears to possess turned back again the clock on my pores and skin by 5 many years or so. I’m hoping that ongoing use will smooth out the deeper collection on my forehead (at lowest I only have one!) and help prevent much more from forming.

In add-on to utilizing it on my face, I’ve been utilizing it on my shoulders and back again to help obvious up my whole body breakouts. there, too, it’s achieved a remarkable occupation of minimizing the quantity of your time my places stick around, minimizing redness, and minimizing size.

I am on the way to begin utilizing the lotion on my whole entire body supplied which i am enjoying the gentle texture and glowing bodily appearance of my confront and neck so much.

I typically have really delicate pores and skin and I observe hardly any stinging when utilizing this lotion. It goes apart within of the few of minutes.

The only drawbacks for me are actually the smell — numerous guys and females have remarked that this lotion is scent-free, however it does possess a noticeably unpleasant odor in my opinion. However, that goes apart quickly since the lotion sinks into your skin. This lotion also does this kind of the excellent occupation of exfoliating that I’ve experienced tiny flakes type on my confront — a specific thing that certainly not actually happened to me previous to using, supplied which i certainly not could exfoliate nicely adequate previous to this lotion to create a main difference with my acne. But a few fast checks regardless of the simple fact that in the mirror day-to-day sustain facial flakes from getting as well numerous.

I’ll be an AHA person for life! that is excellent stuff!!

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