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Formulated by founder Dan Kern
NOTE: effective only when employed correctly
see: acne breakouts treatment handbook @
Dan’s movement by movement Regimen A treatment as well as a neighborhood – offered that 1996
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Product Description

Hi everybody, I’m Dan. Twelve many years ago I began to reveal a routine which i found using the world. is identified getting a community-based internet website with information boards as well as a substantial supportive community. is ad-free and there is no cost in the direction of the user. is totally self-supported by our tiny extremely best amazing product or organization line. You do not should purchase my usages to take advantage of the website or to stick to The Regimen. I show you easy methods to take advantage of common drugstore usages using the routine as well. We have an extraordinary printable handbook to getting drugstore usages inside the site. I suffered for a lot of years with acne breakouts and attempted everything. Like relatively a few of you have possibly experienced as well, practically nothing worked. So, I went to hold out researching anything I possibly could about acne breakouts and pursuing many years of trial and error I found a treatment routine that cleared me up completely. I produced to reveal my routine using the world. I’ve been overwhelmed by how nicely it features for males and ladies all over the world. quite a good offer everyone who follows it closely will get clear–even males and ladies with serious acne. On just click the “Get Started” arrow and for complete instructions. I certainly wish this helps. allow me know whatever you think. -Dan
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Great for red/brown represents left pursuing acne!!!, dec 19, 2008

I use this stuff every solitary evening on my skin, also it has certainly produced my red-colored represents much less noticeable. They are practically gone now! Also pursuing utilizing this product or organization it will make your epidermis extremely touchable and soft. I think it’s much better to make use with this product or organization a night, merely because AHA helps make your epidermis delicate in the direction of the sunlight. apart from that it’s great, and I will purchase again. Oh, yeah I use this for my bacne, also it features wonderfully. this could support fade represents left pursuing acne breakouts (hyper pigmentation), and make your epidermis soft.

A should to the battle in opposition to Acne, June 7, 2009

I employed a extremely comparable product or organization through the past, Jan Marini element A+ lotion, w/ decent results; but pursuing time it induced a good offer more concerns than it absolutely was worth. I would get reactive acne near to my chin, so I discontinued it’s use. 6 weeks later, acne breakouts returned b/c my epidermis was not turning over as swiftly b/c of aging. I have offered that additional this to my routine, along w/ the cleanser and BP; and I am extremely content w/ the fast results. So far, no reactive pimples. I also such as this within a tube instead of pump, b/c I can look after how a good offer is dispensed.

I should mention which i am not utilizing it precisely as prescribed. I began utilizing the AHA in the commencing within of the regimen, b/c I am presently extremely accustom to AHA. preceding to this i experienced been utilizing Jan Marini Bioglycolic wash, which I experienced to cut back offered that that will be too much substance exfoliation. I also found that applying BP preceding to adding moisturizer was as well irritating for me. My latest routine is very first DK cleanser, then Moisturize (Decleor Iris evening Balm), include a lumination layer of DK’s AHA all over, then area w/ DK’s BP to trouble areas. No irritation, only results.

I don’t know what it does but I think it helps, August 6, 2009

Hmm this product is okay, I guess. I don’t know what or how it assists me merely because I’m presently obvious when I use benzoyl peroxide. one element though, is BP doesn’t support with clogged pores, not in any way for me, so I purchased this product just to wish that it might help. I think it didn’t certainly support in any way for getting honest, my pores are nevertheless clogged, very same size, no variation in any way pursuing three weeks. I eventually just squeezed them out. But this product is decent in circumstance you have big, liquidy pustules or in circumstance you possess a zit coming out, it helps. It also assists with epidermis tone and flakiness. The very first time I obtained this delivery though, it leaked all over the packaging. I experienced AHA all over the box and half within of the bottle was gone. I authored a evaluation to them saying what experienced happened, plus they immediately sent me an extra tube, no inquiries asked, within of days. I adore their customer support, and I will hold on getting from them again! They are extremely accountable and trustworthy. (The next package deal do not leak)

Absolutely Thrilled!, feb . 22, 2010

After merely a tiny research, I made the decision to try AHA to support deal with some wrinkles I’ve been noticing. a good offer to my shock and ensuing glee, I found that AHA is advised to the treatment of acne, a little something I’ve also been blessed with. I have been utilizing this AHA+ getting a substitute for my evening time moisturizer, also it has worked wonders on each my acne, my basic epidermis tone, firmness and appearance, along using the visual appeal of my wrinkles. I adore the actuality that that is so affordable and arrives on this type of the huge size. I have been utilizing it for three days now, and I’m particular this tube will last me numerous months.

I give this product, along using another […] usages my greatest recommendation. I am totally thrilled!

Impressive, November 30, 2010

Item arrived more quickly than anticipated and absorbs nicely in to the skin. My cope with is glowing as well as merely a tiny goes a lengthy way-will certainly re-order

Amazing product, June 26, 2010

I initially arrived from the tropical country to hold out through the US and i arrived through winter in Minnesota. My epidermis couldn’t cope using the severe dryness. preceding to i arrived i experienced flawless epidermis however it didn’t hold lengthy until my cope with was covered with acne breakouts also it absolutely was extremely flakey and sore. i experienced been desperate and made the decision to provide this a try along using the bp treatment. It took near to three weeks sooner or afterwards all within of the huge acne and redness all went away. At very first it seemed that it wasn’t working but pursuing a 30 days i could presently see a substantial amount of improvement. Now i’m on my 3rd 30 days using the product or organization and i can say that it is identified getting a miracle product. My epidermis now is extremely smooth as well as your epidermis tone is fantastic. And what’s much better may be the actuality how the AHA prevents new acne breakouts to form. I nevertheless do get one or two tiny types occasionally but they disappear quickly. I use hhe product or organization getting a moisturizer every solitary night. I can safely say i may be utilizing this product or organization for life.

Great Product, September 8, 2009

This features extremely well! It is a good offer more effective for me than BP. Also decent on-the-spot treatment. extremely recommended.

I adore this stuff!, dec 25, 2008

I have been utilizing this product or organization offered that July and I have observed a alter in my skin. It’s smoother and I believe that all my tiny whiteheads and blackheads that employed to turn into zits/acne like place out have largely gone away. I do break out inside the celebration and that’s why I retain utilizing this. If you’re unsure easy methods to make use with this go in the direction of the [….] website and confirm the information boards. They’re certainly educational and you also don’t should register to read.

I use it at evening getting a moisturizer and use [..]8 oz. Moisturizer if I need additional moisturizer. generally I take advantage of the moisturizer through the evening and also this at evening unless I need some area treatment carried out through the day, then I’d use a little. This stuff is all decent amazing and at a sensible price. As among the preceding opinions mentioned it does make your epidermis a good offer more delicate to sunlight/UVA/UVB. in any way occasions go with on sunscreen even if it’s not sunny! It’ll support your offer owning a good offer over you know!

A Must-Have For Acne-Prone Skin, August 4, 2008

After examining rave opinions about this AHA lotion on, I believed I’d give it a try. I have greasy / acne-prone skin.

I’ve altered my common moisturizer with this a few times ago, and I am astonished at how a good offer my epidermis has improved. It feels a good offer softer, smoother, as well as a good offer more even-toned. Post-acne represents have began fading a good offer much more quickly.

The lotion doesn’t really feel greasy at all, it doesn’t smell, also it absorbs into my epidermis extremely nicely. I only need merely a tiny tad for my whole face, and at $16.11 every tube, it’s an amazing price, seeing that it will last a long, lengthy time. You can use it getting a entire cope with moisturizer, and even a area treatment. It even features nicely on stubborn whole body acne breakouts too.

The only drawback may be the actuality that it raises your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so retain some sunscreen at hand. You possibly shouldn’t go with this on precise preceding for you lay out inside the beach!

If benzoyl peroxide isn’t carrying out a good offer to heal your blemishes, I would certainly suggest this AHA lotion.

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