Acne Care Treatment – Why Does a Detox Diet Work?

The first pharmaceutical company to invent the perfect acne care treatment which works for everyone will have their name on the first page of every newspaper in the world. Theirs will be a story trumpeted on prime time news. News of their discovery will eclipse both Obama\’s election to President and 9/11 alike. Unfortunately, this hasn\’t happened yet, which is why so many people still turn to alternative natural acne skin care techniques, among them detox.

Hokum! Bunkum! No Scientific Proof! And Yet…

Modern doctors like to say that detox is total, utter, complete nonsense. That\’s the exact same thing doctors in the 1800s said about the germ theory of disease, too, even though Anton van Leeuwenhoek discovered germs in the 1600s. Observant doctors and scientists like the Italian Agostino Bassi, Hungarian Ignaz Semmelweis, English John Snow, French Louis Pasteur and German Robert Koch were attacked, despite the evidence they produced. Millions of men needlessly died from infections in World War 1 because of this. Only in the 1930s did Fleming\’s discovery of penicillin stem the tide of established Western medical opinion.

It\’s true that there is no scientific proof that detox diets work, but it is also true that there is no scientific proof that detox diets don\’t work. On the other hand, there is increasing proof in recent years that certain foods seem to cause acne in people, e.g. dairy products. Medical scientists call this food allergy. But this very fact is one of the reasons why detox diets work.

Okay! Let\’s Assume It Works. So How Does A Detox Diet Get Rid Of Your Acne?

At the simplest level, I believe that a detox diet helps by cutting down on your intake of foods which contain allergens. In laymen\’s terms – an allergen is anything which causes a toxic reaction in your body, no matter how mild. For example, one of my allergens is definitely milk (there is mounting evidence that people who suffer from acne drink a lot of milk) – I\’m lactose intolerant. A milder allergen for me is cabbage – it causes flatulence. Eating too much shellfish, crabs and prawns can cause rashes. You probably also suffer similar problems from certain foods.

Many people enjoy eating meat – which is digested into many important amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed by our bodies. But components like uric acid turn into toxins. Our kidneys can handle small amounts of toxins. It just needs to do extra work to flush them out of our bodies. But when too much of these toxins enter our bodies, our kidneys become overworked. Some of these toxins get into our bloodstream to wreak havoc in our bodies. In the case of uric acid, if too much builds up in our joints, we can suffer from gout. Other toxins cause problems like acne, whiteheads and blackheads.

So the basis for detox diets is to give our bodies a rest. In many common detox diets, we have a one or two day water fast, followed by fruit juice, followed by fruits, before moving on to whatever special foods which make them work. You can see that during your water fast and fruit diet, you are not eating anything which can become an allergen/toxin. Your kidneys get a chance to catch up with its overload. The fatty cells in your body release their absorbed toxins instead of taking in more. That one or two weeks where you specially control your diet helps to get rid of the toxins which are causing acne in you.

Should You Go On A Detox Diet?

Why not? You don\’t need to start with a full-blown detox diet. Try a simple one at first – only eat fruits and drink plain or mineral water during the weekends. This doesn\’t cost you anything extra. Just do this for three months and see what happens. Such a simple, free technique for acne care treatment!

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