Acne Care Treatment – Which One is Best For Your Skin?

Choosing between the nearly endless acne care products on the market is certainly not an easy task. Determining which product will best be able to clear your skin can be an overwhelming job and the varying products may leave you feeling confused.

You will have to take some important preliminary steps if you truly wish to accomplish your goal of finding just which acne care treatment will be able to best clear your skin and rid you of undesirable blemishes.

Figure Out What Skin Type You Have

Figuring out what skin type you have is not a difficult process at all; it just requires that you perform a simple at home skin test. All you need to do is wash off your face and then pat it dry with a towel. After doing so, put a small piece of toilet paper on your t-zone.

Dry skin is indicated if the piece of toilet paper immediately falls off your face. If the paper sticks, though, you have oily skin. When the paper stays in place for a short time before falling off, that tells you that you have normal skin. This important first step will help you determine just which acne care products will be best for you.

Severity of Acne

You also need to know how severe your acne is in order to select the acne care products that will work best for you. Mild acne means a low number of blemishes each month, while severe acne would indicate nearly constant skin problems.

Selecting a Product

The final step is actually going to the store and selecting a product to use. You will need to spend the time necessary to compare products and find one that is designed to work for your severity of acne and skin type.

You probably will not be able to find the product that works best for you the very first time you choose an acne care product. Even if you try a variety of acne care products unsuccessfully, there are other viable options that you can investigate. One possibility is acne surgery. Even when countless products fail, this surgery can eliminate acne problems.

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