A Surprising Acne Care Skin Tip

Looking for an acne care skin tip that just may surprise you? Look no further. I am going to share one acne fighting tip that worked for me in drastically reducing my acne fast and eventually clearing it up all together.

One Surprising Acne Care Skin Tip

A while back I ran out of my usual, topical skin care product that I was using to treat my acne. I won\’t name names but this was a very well known product which contained 10% benzoyl peroxide and overall it would make my pimples go away for a while, but was not curing my acne.

I was away at a camp when my supply of benzoyl peroxide ran out, and could not get to the store for days to restock. At first I was horrified that my acne was going to get drastically worse, and after the first day without a topical treatment my skin began to get dry and flaky. Wanting to treat the dryness I did something that I\’d never done before – put moisturizer on parts of my skin that also had acne. The dry skin was making me itch so bad I felt I had no choice!

But guess what? In a couple days I noticed something amazing. Not only was my dry skin getting better, so was my acne! This went against everything I thought I knew about treating my acne breakouts. By not doing anything, only cleaning my skin a couple times a day and apply a good quality moisturizer my skin was getting better.

I can only attribute this to my skin finally getting a break from all the harsh chemicals I\’d been putting on it all these years.

Which got me thinking that…

Chemicals Are Not the Solution!

I\’d tried different chemicals for years to treat my acne and only saw real progress when I stopped using the chemicals. This more natural approach made total sense to me since it\’s the way our body is designed to heal itself. This incident made me see that a more holistic approach to acne treatment made the most sense.

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