5 Safe Steps to Great Acne Care

If you are afflicted by acne, remember, you are not alone. Almost every American, rather every one else anywhere around the globe would have gone through this at some point of time or the other during the course of their life. Acne care therefore has turned into an industry, particularly in America.

The cosmetic factors of acne are more irksome than acne itself, more so in the case of women. No wonder then that there are so many acne care products available across the counter. Yet, not all forms of acne may respond well to these OTC drugs. Knowing the causes of acne and putting preventive measures in place can help you. Here are some of the facts to aid you.

Type of skin

Ahead of identifying the proper treatment method, it is essential to understand the type of skin you. It can be oily, dry or at times a combination of both. Acne care should be tailored to suit the type of skin.

Face wash

The primary acne care step, even before looking at any treatment method is to regularly wash your face. The excess production of sebaceous glands is responsible for the onset of acne. The fluid secretion from the glands into the skin pores. In cases where the face remains dirty for long periods of time, the fluid is trapped in the pores leading to infection. But, when you are doing this as part of your acne care exercise, you need to follow these guidelines.

You can apply lotion to your skin to heal it. But, remember that what most OTC products would do is to dry up your skin and not heal it. Dry skin can promote acne and you may aggravate an existing problem.

Was your face on a need basis. If you have been engaged in any form of physical activity leading to plenty of sweat and dirt accumulation, wash your face as soon as you finish the task. Allowing the sweat and dirt particles residence until you get home may not be of help in acne care.

Cleansing products with high alcohol content may do more harm than good for your skin. Salicylic acid, Aloe Vera, Niacinamide, Benzoyl Peroxide are among the better cleaning agents.

Do not overdo the washing and be gentle with the process. Rubbing or scrubbing your face can add to your woes.


There are several types of ex-foliators. You can choose one that suits you best to remove the bacteria and dead skin from the surface of the skin.

Scratching and picking

Acne does cause irritation, but picking and scratching your skin is certainly not a remedy. In fact, you may contribute to a more intense affliction. You could also be potentially inviting scars which might stay put even long after your acne is gone.

Sun and Acne

If you have acne, keep off the sun as much as you can. Acne medications will only make the skin more sensitive to damage from the sun. Sun blocks tend to assist clogging of arteries because most of them are oil based.

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